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Last Night's Television: The Autistic Me, BBC3

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Last Night's Television: The Autistic Me, BBC3

Fri 16 Mar 2012 12:20pm

Hello everyone!

Did any of our UK members see The Autistic Me on BBC 3 last night?  

There's an article in The Independent today:

Last Night's Television: The Autistic Me, BBC3

I'm so glad I got to see the show. I loved it - I thought all 3 stories were excellent glimpses into very different life situations. I thought Oli was a real charmer, and I hope that more jobs will open up for him and the many other adults like him who need work.

What did you think?



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  • bumblebee's picture

    Hi Elena,

    I thought it was a great documentry showing 3 very different lives. I really empathised with Tom's family, but also Tom too. I think he demonstrated very clearly the struggles of teenage autism from both perspectives. I wondered though if people who didn't understand autism would see Tom's difficulties behind his behaviour or if they would just see the behaviour which is very often the case........? Just a thought.

    I thought Oli was great too, I'd love to have someone like him at work, he just seemed so positive about life despite finding it really hard......I was really pleased to see the other man, not only in work, but also on a search for love......I hope they do a follow up documentry in a few years so we can see how they all get on.


  • louise ife's picture
    i watched that thought it was really interesting to watch and to see how people with asd develop into adulthood it certainly gave me a few things to thnk about x
  • Elena - former Community Manager's picture

    Thanks to you both for leaving your thoughts here. I know we've got several different discussions with people talking about the show...

    I agree Claire - and I'm very glad Tom's story was included. Really interesting to see his view alongside his parent's view.

    There's been a lot of talk about this on our Facebook page today if anyone is interested in checking it out:

  • tuggers's picture

    Hi Elena

    As a parent of a young autistic adult I'm disappointed to hear how few autistic people end up in work. Because I think this is really important to both them and their families.

    As Oli mentioned on the program its not the work (Stamping Books) hes going to miss, its the people he met whilst at work.

    So if I were Oli's parents I would consider using his undoubted skills in some way. Maybe he would make a good tour guide and show people around some historic building? Or he could join the IT industry where managers pay good money for people to become obsessive about computers.

    I read somewhere that Einstein didn’t speak until he was five years old and would probably be classified as autistic by today’s standards. So I wonder what work Einstein would be offered if he were alive today?

    I think it’s a real disgrace for any high-functioning autism person to be offered such little opportunity.

    David Tugby

  • Elena - former Community Manager's picture
    The Austistic Me is airing again overnight tonight at 01:40 on BBC3 -


  • Elena - former Community Manager's picture
    Nice one, Leanne! I have just added that to Facebook and Twitter to remind folks. : )
  • Elena - former Community Manager's picture

    For all of our non-UK members here at talk about autism, The Autistic Me is not yet available anywhere else online yet (that I know of).

    But YouTube has a clip which you will all really enjoy. "First Date":


  • Elena - former Community Manager's picture

    Hi everyone, just a quick message to let you know that The Autistic Me is airing again on 22 April from 9-10 PM, but this time it is "One year on".

    Here's the BBC page:

    Here's the Facebook event page:


    And below, the information from the Facebook event page:

    The Autistic Me : One Year On

    This documentary is about a group of teenagers with autism growing up and getting jobs and showing how hard life is for them and to show people what autism is and how to understand it.

    This documentary is starring:

    ME - (Thomas Standing)
    Josh Standing - (my little brother)
    Alex - ( cool tall guy)
    Kirsty - (Alex's girlfriend)
    Olli - (really funny cool guy)

    Also my band "Seize The World" are featured in the programme.

    Following on from last year's acclaimed documentary The Autistic Me, this new film catches up with Oliver, Alex and Thomas a year after director Matt Rudge first met them. For the lives of these young men on the autistic spectrum, the last 12 months has seen some dramatic changes and upheavals in all of their lives, as they continue their journey into adulthood.

    The programme starts on the 22nd of april at 9 pm to 10 pm, there will be lots of replays on bbc 3 and bbc 1 and you can always go onto bbc iplayer on the internet.

  • JosieB's picture

    Thanks, Elena!

    Josie - Community Champion

    Josie - Community Champion
  • bumblebee's picture

    That is great news, I'll look forward to that, thanks Elena... 

    Claire - Community Champion



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