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New Series of The Undateables

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New Series of The Undateables

Mon 5 Jan 2015 8:54am

New series of The Undateables starts tonight at 9:00 p.m. on Channel 4.

-- free bear

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    Thanks for posting this, barnabear. I've never actually caught the show myself but I keep meaning to. It's great that a show which had the potential to be tasteless has been received positively by the people with the conditions that it is representing.

    Mike - Former Community Manager
  • mummybaier's picture

    I watched the show, hoping the participants weren't edited to appear freakish or objects of ridicule.I found the two autistic teenagers  to be attractive,pleasant and engaging,certainly not undatable.I suppose it raises awareness.

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    long article in saturday's telegraph magazine re daniel wakeford and heart venture.


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