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Wed 27 Apr 2011 10:35am

This discussion is to chat about our favourite TV shows.

Once again, I'll kick it off! : )  You don't all have to write as much as I have, by the way...

I have to admit that I don't watch TV very often. And when I do it's usually documentary-style shows, or something like Relocation or cooking shows, interior decorating shows, etc.

But I have 2 all-time favourite TV shows:

1. The Sopranos
I'm currently up to Season 6, and this is my third time watching the whole series. I've got the complete box set, and I love it! Pretty much I love any gangster films, and to me The Sopranos is like the longest running Sopranos movie ever shown, broken down into hourly installments. It's the characters that I love most of all, and the screen writing as well. Start to finish, it's a solid piece of good TV and never fails to make me think. I remember when I first started watching it, I couldn't even understand their Northeastern American accents (and I'm an American...!) but gradually I got to where I didn't miss a word.

2. Twin Peaks
This series first aired when I was 14. It was the first TV show that I told my mother I'd be staying up late to watch it every Thursday. I have the complete box sets on VHS and DVD, I've got all the books, the fanzines...ok I'm a little embarrassed now admitting all of this, haha.... But I love it. It's dark, yet simple - it's basically a show about how good and evil coexist in the world. It's a classic, and I pretty much love anything David Lynch does.

How about you?

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  • JosieB's picture


    Well, like you Elena I like the property programmes and also the antique ones, like Bargain Hunt.  As for the series type programmes I just love CSI and NCIS, Criminal Minds, Cold Case - in other words all the crime-solving stuff but especially the forensics ones.

     Just now I am enjoying the re-run of Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, but I am a sucker for all these feel good programmes - I loved the Waltons, Little House on the Prairie and things of that ilk where even the major dramas are resolved in an hour!!!  If only!!

    Josie - Community Champion

    Josie - Community Champion
  • Elena - former Community Manager's picture

    I haven't thought about the Waltons in years!

  • Elena - former Community Manager's picture
    Has anyone watched "Being Human" and if so, is worth me checking out? I heard it was filmed in Bristol so that's why I thought about watching it. I heard some people really, really love it....
  • Elena - former Community Manager's picture

    ^ Well, I watched the first episode of the second season last night and it was ok. Cool to see Bristol landmarks but I didn't really get into the show a whole lot. Maybe because I couldn't figure out what was going on exactly!

    An another note, I've been meaning to say for a while that my husband made me wathc all of "Children of the Stones" - a classic 70's TV show for kids and I wondered if any of you remember it?

  • Leanne's picture

    I really enjoyed the return of Larkrise to Candleford last night, its something both my husband and myself really enjoy. Gives us something lovely to look forward to in January Smile

    Leanne - Community Champion

  • Matt Joyce's picture

    I love "being human", watched the new series last night and thought it was really good.

     I also really like Hustle too, that has just come back and survivors is back too.


    Sadly I really like Time Team as well, people often take the mick out of me but hey



  • JosieB's picture

    Well I was delighted to see "Wild at Heart" back on last night, love it.    As for "Time Team", Matt, my wee aunt that I take to her hospital appointments loves it and watches it every day on her Cable TV, four episodes back to back and wont miss it for anything - I tell her its because she is an old relic herself  LOL!!!

    Josie - Community Champion


    Josie - Community Champion
  • Elena - former Community Manager's picture
    I noticed that "Wild at Heart" show. I was well excited because I thought that it was the old David Lynch film, "Wild at Heart" so I was getting prepared to watch it and then I realised...
  • Sarat's picture

    Does anyone else watch The Big Bang Theory?  I just love it, having hated it when I first started watching because I thought it was making fun of people with Aspergers.  I soon realised that it wasn't doing that at all.  In fact the character with Aspergers is the big hit character that the audience love and has become a major star.   I think it is brilliant at showing people the difference between someone with Aspergers and people who might get called "geeks" but who are not on the spectrum.



  • bumblebee's picture

    I haven't heard of the big bang theory, what day/channel is it on? I'd like to take a look!

    Anyone into Big Brother? I think it could just be me!! I am not into hard work TV if you know what I mean! I like to relax and be spoonfed by the programmes I watch it helps my brain relax!! Although I love to watch films....all types of films too like thrillers, horror, kids films, oldies, action em!  

    Claire - Community Champion



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