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The Horse Boy

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The Horse Boy

Fri 16 Mar 2012 3:40pm


I saw again today for the second time a TV ad for this book with some great reviews from the Telegraph and Guardian newspapers.  Its the story of a young boy with a PDD (NOS) diagnosis and his journey with the help of horses and chamins.

Did a google search and found this link to a short synopsis by the Guardian of the story.

Josie - Community Champion

Josie - Community Champion

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    there was an article by philip womack in one of the weekend papers detailing how his autistic brother - ashley - flourished with equine therapy.


    alas, i can't find the article online.


    here's philip's web site -


    firms mentioned in the article are :-





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    thanks, mariana!
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    It's often true, too.  Horses 'see' and sense things much as many of us do.  We make a lot of sense to each other, and there's something very calming about being around them.  We have a family horse and he's great.

     Ann - Community Champion

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    Hi Ann

    Do you find this to be the case with other animals too or is it just horses? 

    Tracy - Community Champion


    Tracy - Retired Community Champion
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    I think dogs have a similar effect. There was a film made a few years ago about a boy with autism who responded well to having a pet dog. Also, my nephew loves dogs and seems able to relate to them better than he does to a lot of people.

    On a personal note, we used to have a lovely labrador and, when I went into labour with my son, it was the dog who followed me around our flat looking very concerned at each contraction. She also knew when I was ill and she was incredibly protective with the children.

    Asteroids Sara - Community Champion

    Asteroids Sara
  • michaelz's picture

    Ann must have a big house to let a horse reside as one of the family Smile


    here's a dog helping kids read :



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    and if horses or dogs don't fit the bill : try the wolfman - nigel reed.


    The wolf within is a fundamental case study of behaviour which will teach young people self control.

    The Wolf Within is directed at schools, colleges, prisons and pupil referral units. The course is aimed at learners who need a fresh innovative way to learn the importance then the skills to become a great leader.

    By studying wolf pack dynamics, the students will learn how to correct unwanted behaviour in our household canines.

    This knowledge will in turn allow the learners to study their own behaviour, actions and their relationships with others. This will empower them to make positive changes for themselves.

    By using tools such as patience, positive reinforcement and respect, the students will discover a holistic approach to life in which anything becomes possible.

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    duchess of cornwall opens ebony riding centre in brixton.

    previewing article from the london evening standard - october 26, 2011 - ...Many of the children have special needs, such as Asperger's...

    report of the event from the prince of wales's offical site.

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    `coalescence consulting` runs equine leadership courses.

    an item in the current private eye appears to criticise imperial college healthcare trust because the chief exec of the trust is married to a businesswoman who's in charge of `coalescence consulting` - although i don't see much wrong with it as long as the relationship's properly declared (and it has been).

    maybe the NHS staff who go on these courses will get better at their jobs - won't do them any harm, that's for sure.


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