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using medical cannabis as a treatment for autism

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using medical cannabis as a treatment for autism

Wed 5 Nov 2014 1:26am

So, I heard that medical cannabis can treat autism, since I have autism. I looked it up on google and got a trillion good results. I'm going to have a meeting with my doctor because it is a serious concern. The thing I want to know though is, what are usual effectrs of cannabs on autism?

I mean, does it tend to take effect quickly? Will I get naucious? If you could provide me with a list of possible common effects, positive or negative, I'll take it.




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    Hi ghostheadx

    Welcome to the forum smiley

    I think the best place to get that kind of info is from your GP although I must admit I have never heard of medical cannabis being a treatment for (or a help to) someone with autism.   

    Apart from your GP another good source of info on things autism related is Research Autism so it might be worthwhile checking with them to get their take on this.


    Josie - Community Champion
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    I read an article about the medicinal use of cannabis to help with autism. And it did look very interesting. It's got to be wayyy better than the chemical based medicines on offer. I'm not sure what the side effects would be, I'm sure they wouldn't be recommending the kind of dose that would get you high though!

    Let us know how it goes, I'm interested to hear more about this as a therapy.

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    Hello, I have used CBD oil (derived from cannibus) for myself and it has no side effects at all... No nausea, or psychoative effects. You would just be able to handle stress better and have a general sense of wellbeing. You would not want to smoke cannibus, as lighting anything will create cancer causing agents, Cannibus oil is great for your health.. Unfortunately, you will not find much info from your GP because they are not trained on the benefits of natural healing medicine. One strain that is really good is called "Charlottes Web" which was develped for a little girl with siezure disorder... It has helped her greatly... Of course depending on what state you live in you would want to get a medical card. The only obstacle is obtaining the oil.. I have found great difficulty in gettting it... Hope this helps... THC oil is also available... Look up (Rick Simpson).. That can give you side effects, such as psychoative effects.. But if it is something you decide to try you can build up a tolerance that will stop the side effects...

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    Hello ghostheadx, 

    If you live in a part of the world where medical marijuana is legalized, you may want to explore it as an option to treat symptoms of your child’s autism. In the United States, a limited number of children have access to medical marijuana with even fewer living in areas where autism is considered a qualifying condition to use the plant medicinally. Autism Parenting Magazine previously published an article on medical marijuana for autism that referred to MAMMA, “Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism. MAMMA is a parent advocacy group with chapters in seven US states (Arizona, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Iowa, and Illinois).

    MAMMA’s goal is to give all children with autism legal access to medical marijuana under the care of a physician.” (Hobbs, 2018) If you would like to advocate for medical marijuana’s legalization in your area, MAMMA offers resources on its website. The Shaare Sedek Medical Center in Jerusalem and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are studying the effects of medical marijuana on children with autism in hopes of making it available to any family who would like to try it.

    Benefits of medical marijuana for autism

    According to MAMMA, children who used medical marijuana have found relief from symptoms including seizures, self-injurious behaviors, mood dysregulation, poor sleeping patterns, and anxiety. Families of MAMMA often say that medical marijuana alleviates as many symptoms as antipsychotics and other pharmaceuticals with reduced side effects. Parents who are hesitant to try pharmaceuticals or who have a child who does not tolerate medications well with may be interested in trying a more natural option such as medical marijuana.

    Can medical marijuana cure autism?

    Just as pharmaceuticals cannot cure autism, neither can medical marijuana. Children, especially girls, with Asperger’s syndrome or high functioning autism who show minimal symptoms on an everyday basis might appear to function “normally” with the help of medical marijuana or other pharmaceuticals, but this statement is currently purely anecdotal. Studies on the effects of medical marijuana on autism are in the beginning phases, but researchers hope to find a strain and dosage of the plant that gives children with autism the most relief from the symptoms possible.

    To learn more about autism medication and download your complimentary pdf, please visit

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