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Vaccines and Autism

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Vaccines and Autism

Sat 21 Jun 2014 3:16pm

Yet another study questioning vaccines and links with autism, well worth a read!

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    However this author's work has been criticized by some, such as Amy Wallace, who wrote that the vaccine-diabetes link "...relies on the flawed work of one doctor [Classen], who gathered data on a slew of vaccines and failed to follow standard study protocols. No other study — including those using the same data — could reproduce the results." 

    Studies that have investigated the potential link between vaccines and diabetes include one, published by Frank DeStefano which "did not find an increased risk of type 1 diabetes associated with any of the routinely recommended childhood vaccines."DeStefano et al. also noted that another study of over 100,000 children examined the potential connection between Hib vaccines and diabetes and found no association between the two. 

    Similarly, the Australian National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance examined Classen's studies and wrote that "Other researchers who have studied the issue have not verified Dr Classen’s findings."

    The publisher of Dr Classen's study has been criticised for lack of proper peer review in the articles it publishes. Authors pay the publisher a fee to publish. 

    I just think it is worth remaining a little bit skeptical about how credible a study is....!

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    I agree entirely Cat30, the credibility of any study should be questioned Smile 

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  • MartialAutist's picture

    Does vaccination cause autism?


    Next question.

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    No, I dont believe it does either and there is so much scientific research out there that backs this up.   This Italian case has been going on for over a year and some great observations have been made about this particular case.  This blogpost has basically got all avenues covered:


    Josie - Community Champion
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    Why ask a question you don't want the answer to, as you believe you have it already? I never asked that question. This is somewhat confrontational and rather arrogant behaviour. Why is that you believe in research but without proof. Were you there, did you collate the evidence, did you report what the government wanted! Evidence is a child that regresses in front of your eyes to be lost in their own world forever as a direct result of a vaccine. I believe what I see in front of me, actual facts not misguided words written by those that have too much to loose by being honest. Perhaps the next link may help others see a different point of view. We can't all agree, I except that but I will not be silenced either.

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    Disagreement is not censorship.  I have neither the desire nor the power to silence you, Myself, but I am utterly convinced that the hypothetical link between autism and vaccination is both false and extremely harmful, and that the "scientists" and organisations responsible for propagating this myth are doing so cynically and possibly even maliciously.  I've had this conversation enough times on the internet to know how it's going to go, so having made this point I'll drop off your thread and leave you to it (I'd actually dropped off the whole forum for a bit, and only came back to ask a very specific question of my own.  I probably should have stayed away from this thread and not said anything, but I've never been great at that).

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    I'm not surprised or upset by your beliefs and respect the fact you have reached a conclusion that you are happy with. There is nothing hypothetical about seeing it for yourself. There is no other explanation for what happens to many many children! An open discussion with balanced arguments is in my mind something that should be promoted on an Autism forum. I simply want to share what you disbelieve. 

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    Failure to walk away from the thread #1

    I'm afraid it is hypothetical, because it's a hypothesis - by very definition that's what it is.  Stating that it is a hypothesis isn't in any way criticising it or calling it false (though, in this case, the hypothesis has been thoroughly and broadly debunked by peer-reviewed scientific studies).

    The trouble with "seeing things for yourself" and "actual facts" is that it's often extremely difficult to be entirely sure of what you have seen, especially when it's something you care about so much.  Please understand that I'm not calling you a liar or implying that you're stupid, simply pointing out that absolutely anyone in those circumstances can misidentify a cause or confusion correlation with causation.  Any police-officer can tell you that you can ask ten honest people about what they saw and get ten different answers. That is why the Scientific Method exists, and the evidence that autism and vaccination are linked is overwhelmingly the product of pseduo-science, observer bias and correlation fallacy. 

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    Not to upsetting any one but as MartialArtist says it's only pseudoscience... In my opinion and most of parents with autism children i know link between autism and vaccination is simple myth/lie. As far as I known first "off" behaviours parents (as they aren't specialists of autism at most times) can see around 12-24 months as this is a time where most autistic children will fails or will be strongly behined over other children at this age, so basically speaking after the vaccination, but just cause it wasn't as easy to see it at earlier age it's not mean it already aren't were there (if that make sens). So this is my point of view on "see it, or see the change".And so it's much easier to blame some one/something (like vaccination at this point) than actually accept that your child simply was born that way. As far as I know no one really know what cousing autism but it is always from birth (not much matter if u are able to see it so early or not). Xavier have'd "odd" behavior/character since always, I just didn't know how to call it (now I know it's autism). Eric for that matter was/is completely different baby and I would be more than supplies if at any point in his live he would be diagnosed with autism. In my opinion the whole thing over vaccination is just what parent can or can't accept. As said some times it's simply easier when there is something to blame. Hope I didn't heart any ones fillings, but I'm kind of person where every thing have to make sens and only this explanation is sensible as far as I know.

    Autism. It's not a processing error. It's a different operating system.


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