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Vaccines and Autism

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Vaccines and Autism

Sat 21 Jun 2014 3:16pm

Yet another study questioning vaccines and links with autism, well worth a read!

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    What I saw was a little boy who developed normally, who smiled, laughed, spoke many words, looked at us, loved us and demonstrated "normal" development. A few hours after the MMR vaccine my cousin was screaming a high pitched scream endlessly, crying and became very very distressed. Within 3 day he was no longer Anthony, no longer in touch with the world or those he loved. He has never spoken another word and simply plays with a piece of string. I don't need to be convinced by officials of anything, you see I saw it first hand. If you were visited by god tonight and were a non believer you would soon convert to religion. I know the truth but I know that I am just a virtual Aspie on here and that I can't prove what I saw. I am not stupid enough to try to tell everyone they are wrong, I know people need to see facts to believe. I just want people to at least keep an open mind and in my heart I want no more children to suffer as a result of the MMR. I'm not offended by anyone, if I hadn't seen it myself, I would be speaking your words for sure. 

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    I've seen once similar of not same reaction as u (my cousins not so little any more) girl. But it was only allergic reactions which happens very extrimelly rare. After around 3 weeks though she start acting as her usual self, and she don't have autism or her sister for that matter (who didn't got that vacination due to extrimally bed allergic reaction of her sister) don't have it to. So I would say it very externally bas coincidence. Allergic reactions aren't only by red spots or problems with breathing etc... But I do understand now were u come from and as u if i would be "In your shoes" then probobly would say no to vaccinations as well.

    Autism. It's not a processing error. It's a different operating system.
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    My daughter who has autism is allergic to many many things from tree nuts to glues etc. I understand this must of been very frightening for your cousin and family! I'm pleased that after a while your cousin was back to normal Smile I think in this case the situations are very different. Thanks for the input though!

    Here is some more info on the subject

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    Here is a good overview on why anecdotes, no matter how heart felt and sincere do not count as evidence.
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    long article in current sunday times.


    "mark largent author of `vaccine the debate in modern america` says the medical establishment cannot win over the 3% of americans who are because of religious or other traditions hardcore vaccine rejectors."

    "last week rhett krawitt a 7-year-old leukaemia survivor appeared at his school to appeal to parents to support a new law to ban philosophical exemptions in california"

    the future president [hillary] clinton tweeted :

    "the earth is round, the sky is blue and vaccines work"

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    Actress Kristen Bell has revealed that she won't let her unvaccinated friends near her children...

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    This subect always provokes extreme reactions. I believe the problem is in the wording. I do not belive vaccines cause autism but I believe they can sometimes trigger what might have remained dormant in susceptible individuals. Of course there is also the genetic link, but sometimes an outside trigger (serious illnes or vaccines) can trigger reactions,particularly in children with allergies. This is what I believe happened to my son. We also know there were some bad batches of the MMR vaccine in the early nineties when he was vaccinated. I also feel that three vaccines in one are a lot for small body to take. My middle son had already had the first MMR before the scare, but did not have the booster. We paid for separate measles and rubella vaccinations for our daughter and feel this was the right course of action for her with both the genetic ASD link and predisposition to allergies. She does, indeed, have mild Asperger's, but is about to go to university and hopes for a career as a music therapist. We feel that had she had the MMR she might easily have ended up like her oldest brother, who will never live an independant life.

    Let me stress that I feel the MMR is safe for most children, but we should be given a choice of the MMR or individual vaccines. I am certainly not anti-vaccine and I love my son dearly. How his autism was triggered is, in the end irrelevent to him; what matters is to help him live a fulfillling life to the best of his capabilities.

    Finally, for those of you wondering why our daughter had only two of the three parts of the vaccine, a year apart, after checking with the doctor who gave the vaccines, I knew that it was important to protect against measles and, for a girl, rubella, but the only major complication of mumps is in adolescent boys. Incedentally the rate of rubella damaged babies had fallen dramatically with the rubella vaccination programme for adolescent girls from the seventies onwards.

    E. Goh
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    A mother in the US state of Michigan has been sentenced to seven days in jail after she refused a judge’s order to have her son vaccinated.

    Rebecca Bredow would not let her nine-year-old be immunised after initially agreeing with the father to do so.

    Her ex-husband has now been awarded temporary primary custody in order to get the boy the jab...


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