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What TV are you watching and recommend?

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What TV are you watching and recommend?

Tue 13 Aug 2013 3:48pm

There's an older discussion about television on the forums but I thought it might be time to create a new one rather than continually bumping an older thread. What TV are you watching at the moment? Are there any series you would recommend? Do you have any favourites?

I've been watching the latest series of Breaking Bad because the second half of the final series has just started on Netflix. It's an excellent show - quite brutal but very well written and acted. I'm constantly on edge watching it - I was so tense by the end of the episode last night, I could barely watch it!

I've also been watching a new Netflix show called Orange is the New Black - a comedy-drama set in a women's prison based on a real-life story of a woman who ended up in prison for a drug trafficking offense she'd done 10 years earlier. It's very funny and unpredictable and I'm really enjoying it 5 episodes in.

Finally, I've watched the first two episodes of Top of the Lake on BBC iPlayer - a crime thriller set in New Zealand. It's a mini series so I think it's only 7 episodes long but it's well worth watching if you like your TV shows gritty and dark.

Please share yours too Smile.

Mike - Former Community Manager

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  • OthoDPS's picture

    This is a perfect topic for me as we have just finished watching all our usual programmes and are looking for something new to watch!

    We have just finished watching Once Upon a Time season 2, awsome show, and really looking forward to the spin off next year. Even our 12 year old who is more into his computer games likes to watch it for the few minutes he is out of his den for!

    We have also just finished watching the final season of Smash. We thought it was very well made and worked incredibly well as an older persons glee but it never really got the following unfortunately.

    I would recommend for anyone Supernatural, awsome show which I didnt pick up until season 6 thanks to my gf, but have seen all of them, Bones, again, all of them, and Arrow. Arrow is one of those shows I can see a lot of potential in being spun off in different formats and all of them working well so long as they keep the relative realism that the original has.

  • JosieB's picture

    Having been an avid Prisoner Cell Block H fan back in the day I am hoping the new one advertised (Wentworth Prison) is going to be good.

    I was watching Nashville which I was really enjoying (especially the music which I now have on CD and listen to in the car).   I was watching Scandal for a while but it became a bit boring and I gave up.


    Josie - Community Champion
  • Buttercup's picture

    I am really looking forward to the new series of Sherlock. In the last episode he appeared to have come back to life and I can't wait to find out how he did it.

    Love Breaking Bad too, although it's not good for the nerves! Used to love Malcolm in the Middle` - A completely different role for Bryan Cranston.

    I feel there is a shortage of good comedy at the moment. Quite a bit of stand up and panel shows but would love to see a really good series like erm...Father Ted, Black Books, Spaced, Peep Show was great as well.

    Amy - Community Champion
  • MikeS's picture

    Buttercup: I loved Malcolm in the Middle too - very underrated! I heard a funny theory that Hal is actually Walter White in a witness protection programme Wink.

    I also agree there is a shortage of good comedy at the moment, especially from this side of the pond. The last decent new comedy show I saw was Moone Boy which is from Ireland. I'm going to see the Alan Partiridge film tonight and I'm hoping that will be good too.


    Mike - Former Community Manager
  • eggshells12's picture

    Cant wait for Sherlock to return love it ,also watching numbers so gud and well written apart from that no time to watch any others lol

  • Mullybum's picture

    Just started watching 'Under the Dome' based on a Stephen King book, really like anything like that. Seems to be good so far! 

    Like OthoDPS me and hubby LOVE Supernatural - our favourite show ever by far. 

    Other favourites which aren't on at the moment but worth a watch - Spaced (like Amy love it love it love it), Trollied, Mount Pleasant, the 3300, Prison Break.

    Loved the first series of The Walking Dead but missed the second so will have to buy on DVD.

    Love anything spooky, gory or mysterious! Smile

  • JosieB's picture

    Hi Sharon

    I watched "Under the Dome" too and really liked it ... if I had realised though it was a Stephen King thing I wouldn't even have turned it on ... his stuff is too creepy for me, but I'm going to carry on watching this one and see where it goes.  Smile

    Josie - Community Champion
  • Mullybum's picture

    It doesn't seem to be too bad at the moment does it Josie although the cow was a bit gory! x

  • JosieB's picture

    Yea the cow bit was gross  Frown

    Josie - Community Champion
  • Whirling Mind's picture

    Like Mullybum, Under the Dome, can't wait to see the next episode.

    Also, The Walking Dead.  I have followed it from the first series.

    Any CSI (New York, Miami etc.)

    There is a programme I like on some obscure channel about ghosts, I think it might be called Ghost Hunt.

    Anything to do with UFOs, the marine environment. wildlife documentaries, any science documentaries, love stuff about physics, the properties of things, weather systems, conspiracies and cover-ups, catching of criminals etc.


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