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Where is the true, i am confuse about the genetics in autism

mampmampmamp's picture

Where is the true, i am confuse about the genetics in autism

Wed 5 Mar 2014 6:34pm

Many loci are related to autism, some in a strong way.
If we assign these changes in behavior (autism) are caused by genes is all ok for me, but how i could get sure that it is not autism that caused these mutations?

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  • Whirling Mind's picture

    I'm not sure what you have posed is logical.  Either way, the actual cause(s) of autism are not yet proven.

  • barnabear's picture

    I don't see how a pervasive neurodevelopmental disorder could affect the genes.

    On the other hand there is good evidence of a genetic factor in ASC's given that they seem to run in families in many cases.

    So I can believe that genetic factors can be a cause of or give a predisposition to ASC's.

    It's likely that the genetic link is not simple.

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  • Whirling Mind's picture

    You might find this interesting: http://sfari.org/news-and-opinion/viewpoint/2014/no-longer-junk-role-of-long-noncoding-rnas-in-autism-risk?utm_source=Autism+research+news+from+SFARI.org&utm_campaign=d075dad64b-SFARI_Newsletter_140304&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0a60ccb345-d075dad64b-389048541

    As Barnabear says it's genetic in many cases, although not all.  The causes of autism could be numerous, and at the least it is likely epigenetic.

  • elaborate's picture

    This is in the space of unanswered questions in medical research. There are correlations between diagnosed autism and some gene sequences. It's also strongly heritable - autistic parents are likely to have autistic children, and other studies have found strong family links.

    None of that really proves anything, so the rest is a collection of hypotheses and informed speculation. Best guess right now is that it's a cluster of related genetic effects.

  • mampmampmamp's picture

    "I don't see how a pervasive neurodevelopmental disorder could affect the genes."

    This is the point. In the world, There is no known neurological disease that is capable of modifying genes?

  • Whirling Mind's picture

    Your genes are in place the moment an egg unites with a sperm, I don't understand your point?

  • mampmampmamp's picture

    My point would be that genes, the DNA of the baby (the nucleotide sequence of this genotype) would be modified after birth due to some environmental influences, but now I thinking it is not possible to happen, i do not know.

  • Whirling Mind's picture

    One of the main trains of thought is that it is indeed epigenetic.  In other words, perhaps there is a genetic susceptibility that is triggered by something environmental.  Let's face it, there is so much toxin in the world, it would be impossible to narrow it down, hence there are always new possibilities being suggested.  I however, would not be surprised if it is in some way relevant to man-made substances whether that be something used in food, vaccinations, chemicals in cleaning products, fertilisers and weed control substances and all sorts of other things.  Perhaps over time, the usage of these things has affected the human genome.

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    I have just accepted an invitation to parcticipate at the Autism Research Center at  Cambridge University with regards to DNA and Hormones. The research into DNA and Autism is seriously being looked into. And i'm glad i am helping them. Smile

  • MikeS's picture

    Good stuff, jalos! When does it start? I'd be interested to know how it goes!

    Mike - Former Community Manager


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