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Hello Everyone, I'm a newbie..........with a question

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Hello Everyone, I'm a newbie..........with a question

Tue 11 Aug 2015 9:05am

Hello Everyone,

I'm new here, so I thought I would introduce myself.

I'm a mum to a 10 year old girl, who was recently diagnosed as having High Functioning Autism. At the same time, we found via Occupational Therapist that she has Sensory Processing Disorder and Developemental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia).  She is in mainstream Primary School entering YR6 in September, and has to have a lot of support. So after lots of assessments, the school is going for an EHCP.

According to the Occupational Therapist report, the Developemental Coordination Disorder needs to be confirmed by a Paediatrician.

My question is as the School are going for a EHCP would the Developemental Coordination Disorder be equally important to the EHCP (we have an appointment with a Paediatrician to confirm the Disorder but is being done privately) as the Autism diagnoses and the Sensory Processing Disorder ??

Many Thanks



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    Hi Vanessa




    If her Dyspraxia requires a level of support above and beyond that normally given to a child of her age then I would think it would be important to have the formal diagnosis by a paediatrician just to make sure that the required support is included in the EHCP.   Do you have anything in writing from the Occupational Therapist about her needs in respect of the Dyspraxia?    If you do, then perhaps there's a chance that this will be taken into consideration when formulating her EHCP.


    It might also be a good idea to check with the school if they think it's necessary.   Perhaps with the school fully supporting an application for an EHCP the Paediatric report won't be necessary.


    It's great that the school are being so proactive and supportive of getting the EHCP.


    Do let us know how you get on with it.




    Josie - Community Champion

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