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Fri 30 Oct 2015 10:41pm



I haven't been around in a long time because I found the changes on the website very difficult to deal with. Recently I have been chewing up things again; when I was younger (not as much younger as you might think - right up until teenage years) I used to chew and swallow buttons from remote controls. Then pen lids, rubbers, bottle caps. Recently I have been chewing again, rulers and things. My dad was pretty upset that I chewed his ruler. I have never tried anything like chews, but I had a look for one and they looked very babyish, even the chewelry. So I wondered if anyone had found something that would not look out of place on an adult?



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    Hi Katie


    How about these chew toys I found on Amazon.  Some of them might not be suitable but the ones that can hang round your neck on lanyards might be suitable.  They even have dog tags.   These ones might be a bit more discreet and suit you better.





    Josie - Community Champion
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    Hi there.

    Sorry to hear you found the transition across to the new forum difficult. It's great to hear from you now. 

    They have some bracelets for adults here which are quite discreet:

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    Those are great thank you Smile I will have to wait to order some because this is 'the week nobody gets paid' so I have no money but I will try and let you know what I get and how I get on.

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    Please do. Let us know which ones work for you.


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