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Private Diagnosis Recommendations

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Private Diagnosis Recommendations

Sun 10 Jan 2016 5:55am

Hi there, 

Seriously considering having a private assessment conducted for my son and looking for recommendaions in the London or North Yorkshire area (or someone willing to travel). 

It would have to be someone who could assess him at home as he shuts down in unfamiliar environments. 

I realise it may not hold any weight with NHS services but that's fine. 

TIA xx 

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    Hi ChasingButterflies,

    I don't know of any providers who do private assessments, but one of the other champions or forum members should be able to help Smile 

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    In London you might look at the Lorna Wing Centre in Bromley, who do both NHS and private assessments, for adults or children. I do not know whether they would assess at your home.


    I was assessed there and they were very thorough. I went there as a private patient.

    Laura - Community Champion

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