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Tue 16 Feb 2016 9:33am

I have just found an organisation who provide holidays for people with autism:


As it's the time of year when people start to think about their summer holidays, I wondered if anyone else has any tips on autism-friendly holidays or attractions/days out?

Nicky - Community Champion

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    We are flying this year and going from Manchester airport, who have aa bracelet system to help people with autism get through the queues quickly.  They also have various pages to show children what to expect.  I am very impressed so far, but will let you know more when we get back.

    this is the first time we have flown since diagnosis, so any suggestions on this welcomed.

    some theme parks have special tickets for people with autism to help them beat the queues.  It is always worth going on their websites to see if there is any help.

    centre Parcs is very child friendly, no one bats an eye at meltdowns.

    I try and find things my son is interested in and talk to him about where we are going and what to expect.  You have to gauge excitement levels, so that he can enjoy it without being over excited.

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    Hi Nicky


    That looks really good but I'd like to have seen them be more open with their prices.


    My kids loved camping and then when they were older, caravan holidays.  Now that they are all grown up they prefer to stay at home.



    Josie - Community Champion
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    according to a spokeswoman on the radio last night, forest holidays can help autistic children speak!!

    [item on age uk's wireless radio - ]

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    Spending the night with Captain Barnacles and Igglepiggle! Alton Towers opens CBeebies hotel geared towards children with special needs

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    'Having a son who is severely autistic meant we couldn't go on a normal trip... until now that is'Her son's diagnosis of a severe form of autism was life changing for Londonderry mum Fiona Burns-Kirby and her family.But now the unveiling of a bespoke autism-friendly room at the Roe Park Resort in Limavady has been a revelation, as she tells Leona O'Neill...

    also - head to lisburn to enjoy their disco floor.

    nominated for the great british high street.award.

    Bow Street, in Lisburn, is part of a city-centre project to literally light the ... disco floor (with sensory-sensitive shows for people with autism).


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