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Hello everybody

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Hello everybody

Fri 4 Mar 2016 2:27pm

Hello, my name is sean and I have two sons that both have different form of autism, they are both on the pathway. But there mother who they both live with is finding it very difficult as she is also being test for asperger syndrome.

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    Hello Sean and welcome to the Community Smile

    I am Mum to two boys of 18 and 13. My youngest has Autism.

    Please do have a look around, and feel free to ask anything you like Smile

    Nicky - Community Champion
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    My boys are aged 10 and 12, unless the youngest has been prepared for any changes he has meltdowns, but we are able to cope with this, just. The 12 year old is the hardest one to deal with, when he is happy and content he is the most gentlest kid around, but he can snap at any time. He has no triggers we have found yet, he is also been diagnosed for ADHD. He was on a meltdown the other morning before school when he pointed a kitchen knife at his mum, his school wouldn't even take him that day. 

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    Hi and welcome from me.  My son is 9 with high functioing autism.  It really is a huge spectrum and there is so much to learn about it.

    i hope your son's mother is coping OK with the assessments.

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    Hi Sean


    Welcome to the forum.     I have three kids, only one (the youngest) with a formal diagnosis although I suspect the other two are also on the spectrum.  They are all adults now:   25, 22 and almost 21.  Their father was diagnosed on the spectrum late in life in his late 40's and he struggled to cope with the kids too.


    Hopefully your kids' mum will get some support and guidance on how to manage your boys.   I know you said that you had as yet been unable to identify the triggers for your youngest lad but there will be triggers and perhaps keeping a diary of what happens just before the meltdown will help to be able to identify them and then work towards giving your son coping strategies to prevent these triggers ending up in full blown meltdowns.


    My son had very similar issues and once we had identified not just the triggers but were able to spot the early signs of his agitation and redirect him away from the cause life got much easier for all of us.    


    A good plan is to sit down after he has calmed down (even the next day) and talk about what happened, what had upset him and what could be done in the future to best handle similar situations.


    Are your sons getting any interventions at the moment?   If not perhaps seeking referral through their GP for perhaps some kind of CBT.  It's a while since my son had any interventions but he accessed them through both CAMHS and the Social Work Department and they helped him greatly.


    Do let us know how things are going with your boys and their mum.



    Josie - Community Champion
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    wow. i have a friend called Laurie Morgen, she has 2 sons with aspergers and was diagnosed herself in her mid 40s. She now does conferences with her sons giving an insight int her life and i found it incredibly helpful. Youre doing the right thing researching, reaching out, we all like to hear other stories and learn new tricks x

    Mrs Lesley A N Jarvis

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