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Grandad andy

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Tue 31 May 2016 10:24pm


i am new to the site, but have been looking at the different topics,My daughter has a son who is 6 yrs old, and lives with myself and my wife. I think we all have one thing in common, frustration, We noticed something was not quite right, all the things that i have heard and read about, co-ordination - concentration- etc etc, you will know and heard it over and over again. I as a grandfather  have felt frustration with the system, mainly the fact it has taken 3 yrs to finally be getting a diagnosis, to me 3 wasted years, and seeing my grandson showing more signs, and is about to go into the next stage of education in main stream school, when he could have been helped earlier. On a positive note the School he has attended have been fantastic, and understanding, and put many things in place to help him, and give my daughter hope that someone is actually listening. No the gripe is with assessments and the length it has taken. We wait for answers like many others, and hope we will be get positive help if our gut instincts or correct. 



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    Hi Grandad Andy, I am sorry it is all taking an age, and as you say delaying the help that is needed.

    I am pleased to hear that he school has been so proactive, they often help before the diagnosis is formally given.

    I hope you receive a diagnosis soon.  Have they given you any idea how much longer it will be?  Do you have anything you are not sure of at this time?

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    Yes after another cancelled appointment, my daughter has been given a new date for the 24th June. this will be the second meeting the first being the consultation, they said they wanted further tests. Until we find out a outcome , this i am sure will be when we will need more information. thanks

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    Keep us updated.  My son took 18 months of completing forms to get his diagnosis, hope yours is quicker.

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