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Helen Popoola

New to this

Thu 30 Jun 2016 5:15pm

Hi I like to introduce my self I'm Helen and I'm here to find out information and to talk to people who may have experience with an autistic child. My son Isaac is 2.5 years old and has autism I'm a mum of 4 and I have never dealt with something like this. I'm trying to get a diagnosis for Isaac but the system is so slow and I don't know where I'm upto and where it will all lead. If anybody is willing to talk to me I would appreciate it thanks.

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  • Vitalia's picture's my first day here too :)
    I have 6 year old son. after nearly 2 years we will hear results of assessment on Monday!
    And I agree - system is very slow. My son have behevior problems.mainly at school x

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    Hi, my son is 9 and was diagnosed 2 years ago.

    the diagnosis process took ages, with lots of form filling every time I went to see the paediatrician.  My son was at school and his behaviour there was very different there to at home. He was referred to a triage meeting, where we saw an occupational therapist, physio therapist and someone else, who referred us on to another group.  An educational psycologist saw him before the diagnosis, it took about 18 months to get the diagnosis.

    my son is high functioning and we were then discharged from all services, which is when I found this place.  I also read lots of books, some good and some were like wading through treacle.

    my son is a lovely quirky boy.

    where are you in the process?  We will also try and help and support you all we can.

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    Hi Helen 

    im currently in the same situation my wee boy will be 3 end of the month and is going threw autism tests! He currently waiting to be seen by a educational physcologest. I have been so worried since all this started a year ago, he has no speech, flaps his arms and doesn't interact with strangers. Other than that he's a normal happy loving toddler. I have never joined a forum before but I'm so intrested to hear other people's stories and thoughts. 

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    Hi All


    Just wondered where you all are at now?  

    Vitalia - how did your results meeting go?    

    Helen - how far on in the process are you?  Has your GP referred you somewhere?   If he has, find out where he has referred you and call them and find where you are on the waiting list and perhaps offer to take any last minute cancellations which will help speed the process up a bit, hopefully.

    Sinead - has your soon seen the psychologist yet?   If not, might be a good idea to give them a phone too and see where he is on the list and offer to take any last minute cancellations.


    Would be good to hear how you are all getting on.





    Josie - Community Champion
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    Hello! I relate to you as i am also a Mum of 4 and my little one 25 months is showing signs of Autism. Is this a picture of your little boy? He is gorgeous! How are you getting on? Have you started speech therapy or other treatment? Did you buy any books which you found useful? And how are you yourself? How are you coping? I know how difficult is to deal with everything... Routines are difficult because of all other family members needs... How Isaac is getting on with siblings? Tell more about you all please!

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