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stressed out about school

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stressed out about school

Mon 4 Jul 2016 5:13pm

basically my asd son has an ehcp, changed his school last year and now he cannot cope, he has been excluded twice, not doing any work, hiding and running off. we went to look at special schools and that fell through as it turned out there are no places available, we review today basically, they want him to stay there in september and have involved an ed phych as there are no places available, what does it take for people to understand he cannot cope in mainstream. my question is, can anybody give me any advice on homeschooling or and education advice as school feel he needs to be in a special school, so do i, and yet they didnt turn up to the meeting to back me up like they said they would, or do i wait till he is in his new year at school in september when it all goes wrong. when will anyone listen. 

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