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im new here

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im new here

Tue 2 Aug 2016 9:05am

 HI MYname is martin im 50 visually impaired my lovely partner 22 has autisum high functioning 

i suffer with depression and severe anxiety and im not proud ive hurt him emotionally  i love him and feel  im losing him i love everything about him what he does not know about film making and horror films is second to none he has a beautiful singing voice but is scared to use it and finds it hard to go out ,how can i rescueour relationship and regain his love and trust  we've been together just over a year im deeply ashamed he has been hurt in the past by other men i deeply love him but all he sees is this monster which im not . any advice would be helpful

thank you


M J Rivers

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    Have you told him how you feel?  You say that you have hurt him emotionally, and he has been let down by others.  If the relationship is to survive you need to talk to him so that you can work through your problems and move forward.

    Regaining love and trust takes time, sometimes they can be regained, but not always.

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    shepemum ive told him how i feel i have severe anxiety and i do know that he can't help what he says but the thing we have both said have cut deep im on a low income and he expects me to buy him blu rays all the time and when i buy things for myself he flies into a rage cos i dont tell him if i buy something for myself .

    i have a home to run too as well im on benifits due to ill health and mental health issues plus im visually impaired. i will talk to him but i dont know how to deal with this whole situation

    M J Rivers
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    May be come up with a budget where you buy something for him and then something for you, or leave it until you can afford something for both of you.

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