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17 month old not pointing or talking

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17 month old not pointing or talking

Wed 30 Nov 2016 6:17pm


I have a 17 month old daughter who isn't pointing (to indicate want or show something) or talking yet.

However she does the following:

1. Understands words and commands

2. Points to picture books. But does not point to something she needs. Example - she will try to reach to her milk bottle and if unsuccessful would come crying to me but does not explicitly ask for it by pointing

3. She does babble and I'm hearing gibberish but no idea what any of it means

4. She loves her daycare and shows affection to people there and to us parents

5. She does bring things to me and looks at me if she is playing with any of her toys - either for praise or for me to play with her

6. She responds to her name, responds to no

7. She likes to hold two similar objects in her hand but certainly isn't obsessed and actually plays more functionally when she isn't holding them. She will give the object to me if I ask her to

8. Does not throw any tantrums if taken outside or her routine is disrupted. On the contrary likes it

9. Does protest to no though but listens

10. If said no to something previously, before attemptiong to do that thing again she will look around to see if Im not watching. If not, she will not even attenpt and she has a naughty smile when she looks around. Like she knows she isn't supposed to do it but looking to see if I was watching her

11. She plays with a variety of toys and loves pictures books. She likes when I engage with her

12. One time she was playing with this toy and a song played. She was so excited she looked at me, looked at my husband and then the toy basically saying OMG my song is here. LOL. I guess she shares something of interest with her eye gaze

13. Her gestures are limited. She can wave (on and off), claps/shouts hooray/stomps feetĀ (when playing happy and you know), gives high-five but does not shake her head for no

I'm not sure what to do at this point. The moment you seach on web that a 17 month old isn't pointing to indicate a want or show something of interest, the word autism comes out. Please help. I would really appreciate some feedback.

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  • Believer's picture

    Hello! I know when you are worried about your child you don't want people to brush it off... If you are not sure, you always can look for advice from healthvisitor or talk to your GP. I am a Mum of four and if she would be my daughter i wouldn't be worried as all children develop differently and not pointing out at things doesn't prove anything! Please try to be more relaxed and enjoy your precious daughter not focusing at what she does or is not able to! Anyway, this is only my personal opinion. If you were looking in to Autism maybe there were more reasons to do so. All parents want the best for their children and well done for doing so!

  • IsThereAnIssue's picture

    Hi Believer,

    Thank you. My worry stems from nothing but checklists on web. Hence I wanted to know if I really should be worried about Autism given all that she is already doing?

    Thanks for your response! This is my first child and I have no idea what to expect so I'm relying on information I get from all here and their experiences.

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    I would agree, take any concerns to a health professional.  Take a list of your worries so that you can talk them through and they will make a referral if they think it is appropriate.

    let us know how you get on.

  • IsThereAnIssue's picture

    Hi SherpaMom,

    I'll definitely do so in her 18 month appointment but in the meantime what im looking to know is if I'm over reacting (which as per my husband I am).

    I'm looking for individuals who have had experience in this area to tell me if or not I really do have a reason to worry.

    Thank you

  • Nand's picture

    Hi IsthereAnIssue,


    I found your post looking for answers about my now 18 month old girl who is in the exact situation as you had described your daughter. I was wondering how she is doing now?

    A worried Mom

  • SherpaMum's picture

    Hi Nand,

    i know you have been looking at a couple of threads. Everything that we have put in them will obviously relate to you and your daughter.

    Each child is different, but if you do have concerns please raise them with professionals.

    a friend's little girl was similar to the one in the thread, but she has had gromits fitted and is now chatting away, so please do get some professional advice and let us know how you get on.

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