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Autism barbers assemble

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Autism barbers assemble

Tue 10 Jan 2017 4:29pm

A friend shared this with me and I thought I would pass it on!

This was their new year message:


we have loads of news coming your way soon. We are hoping to release our first event with the children to give them haircuts of 2017.. we want to find out off you the parents. Where you need us most... to give us an idea across the U.K. Where to set up..

We will also be Doing our hairshows across the uk to step up the awareness and tell more barbers & hairdressers why its important to take note. On how to approach, go the extra mile. And treat anyone on the spectrum the same as a general customer.

Stay tuned it's going be a exciting year of 2017 to help many children. We hope anyways!"



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  • SherpaMum's picture

    That is great.

    our hairdresser comes to the house and has slowly learned the best things to say to get my son to sit how she needs him to.

    much quicker haircut and happy people all round.

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