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My ASD daughter

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My ASD daughter

Wed 8 Feb 2017 1:52pm

My daughter is 15 and currently lives with her dad and grandma. i have two other children living with me. My daughter is becoming more withdrawn and doesn't attend any out of school activities or clubs. I am concerned for her wellbeing and state of mind. She lacks in confidence and has suffered anxiety & depression in the past so i am worried this is happening again. I dont know of any clubs or anuthinh in my area thay i can encourage her to attend. She doesnt have a statement or care plan and is not under any services whatsoever! She is currently doing her 1st year GCSE's and has no goals or carreer choices in mind for the future. I am deeply worried about her transition into adulthood and who is going to support her.  She has ocd ans many phobias

K hall

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    If you contact your local council they should have details of any clubs for children with ASD in your area, the local national autistic society will have details too.

    have you spoken to her dad and grandma about your worries?  If she is struggling then it may be she needs a bit of extra help at this time.

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    How is your daughter doing? I hope things have improved.

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