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micro-pigs for all

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micro-pigs for all

Sat 15 Apr 2017 8:59am

if you haven't got one - acquire one soon!!
Meet the miracle micro pig who taught a non-verbal autistic child to TALK

A GINGER micro pig became the talk of the town during today's This Morning as a beaming mother recalled how the beast taught her autistic five-year-old to talk.

Sam Bailey was born bilingual, but his speech soon deteriorated until he was eventually diagnosed with classical autism.

All seemed lost for the toddler until a family day out at a local farm turned into a real-life miracle as Sam was introduced to Chester, the ginger hog.

"Sam soon spotted the only ginger piglet, picked him up and he just lay in the crook of Sam's arm," his mother Jo Bailey beamed.

"[Chester] went to sleep and Sam was immediately calm"...


now mom has wrriten a book :

To order Sam & Chester: How A Mischievous Pig Transformed The Life Of My Autistic Son (£7.99, Corgi) call the Express Bookshop with your card details on 01872 562 310...


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