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Adults getting direct payments

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Adults getting direct payments

Sun 28 May 2017 7:09pm


I wonder if there are any autistic adults getting direct payments to pay for a support worker or personal assistant? My family are currently trying to work out how to manage what will happen to me in the future when they are not able to care for me anymore. I need a lot of help to do daily tasks like cooking and cleaning and getting out of the house. I cannot work or go to the doctor or vet, etc by myself.

I wonder if any other autistic adults have any experience of being cared for not by their parents, and not in a residential home? I know a lot of autistic people live at home until their parents cannot care for them anymore, and so I think there must be others in my situation? I am in my mid-thirties now. My family does all the caring for me at the moment, but realistically this cannot continue forever. Also both of my parents are not able to care for me as much as they used to be able to, so they need help. I am going to have a social care assessment. I would be really interested to hear what social care any other autistic adults get and how they cope with it. Do you like it? What help do you get? How do you deal with people coming into your house who are not your family? I know I need help from outside my family but it's hard to imagine what it might be like, so I hope someone out there has some experiences they can share, hopefully positive!!!

Thank you!



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    Hi Eljesfi

    Thanks for your message.

    Although I don't have direct experience of having a support worker in the home, I have been working with young adults who have carers coming into the home which some have said works quite well. They are aged from 22-25yrs old and have gone through the direct payments process to put this in place. 

    It is important to look at your local authority local offer to see what support services your local authority already work with.  General feedback has been that the support workers make life alot easier for the families involved. They will arrive and support with getting up and ready for the day, as well as support to access community activities and daily living skills around the home.  

    There should be an area for local parent carer forums where you will be able to get a good range of feedback on the services in your area - try here: 

    Good luck and thanks once again for asking the question.


    Clare Caccavone, Head of Learner & Family Engagement at Ambitious about Autism

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