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Inspired by Cars 3

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Jack D OU student

Inspired by Cars 3

Tue 18 Jul 2017 4:18pm

Hello all,

I said I would post agian after my A-level maths results. But after watching Disney's "Cars 3" I came to a sense of inpsiration and realisation. Just because I dropped out of Hertford and Cranfield, does not mean I threw away my only chances to beocme an astronaut. 

They were just not the right opportunities and just because I took a longer route to a MEng, doe snot mean I hav ewasted precious years, when I could have been working in engineering. I had to do what was right for me, although I did not study so many modules as at Cranfield. I have still learnt many important lessons, some I would never have learnt at Cranfield or Hertford.

Also I know now I must ditch the fear of things changing, the only real fear I relaise I now have, about starting in engineering, is not about not doing well, but about leaving home. But I'm sure I can manage, I have learnt to cook afew meals, chilli, lasange, and scrambled eggs. The main concern is finding a suitible place, but where theere is a will there is a way. 

Also a worry is getting into engineering, but from Cars 3, I know that you must lose the fear of getting something you don't like and grab any chances you get offered or see, you can always say no. Also you don't hve to accept a permanent position after an internship. It will show you have experince and help you move up the ladder. 

One more thing, studying up to a MEng is not simply about polishing myself to the standards/requirements for engineering. It is about doing something I enjoy and I have enjoyed studying engineering and applying what I have learnt to spacecraft and aircraft. The same goes for scuba diving and leanring to fly, they are not polish myself, making me live up to people like Tim Peake, they are things I want to do becuase I have the money and I enjoy them. 

Next update late August


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    engineering is a good career choice.

    NASA and ESA have some pretty stringent criteria for astronaut selection - tens of thousands apply; few are chosen - but, if unlucky,  you could definitely work for them in another capacity.

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