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Anger issues...

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Anger issues...

Sun 23 Jul 2017 2:53pm

Hello again, I am having some problems with my anger, it's been like this for a long time...a lot of things can set it off and once it goes, THERE IS NO CONTROLLING IT!!! That is my problem, if it can't be controlled while I am actually angry... what can I do? Everyone just keeps telling me "control it" or step away from the situation,.... isn't easy especially when one of those things KEEPS following me wherever I go and intentally bugs me just so I would lose my temper (my sister) and when that happens, I shout, scream, throw a fit, the usual stuff... I have no control whatsoever while this is occuring but I am able to stop it before it happens, however that is extremely difficult and that is what I need help with. 

Why can't I control it? That question has no answer... I still don't know why myself and neither does my psychariast. Also sometimes it's not really anger I feel... it's fear! I suffer from Post-traumatic stress and often my bad memories or really awful visions of violence and chaos (often with blood and death in them) come to me from nowhere and then I lose my temper so it may not be anger at all... it's just my body trying to defend itself from what's happening in my head. I can't stop these things, I don't even see them coming or feel it... they just come! I also tend have these horrible visions after I have lost my temper... so I really need help! My anger is also quite unpredictable, sometimes I just suddenly lose my temper within seconds of something irriating me and what's worse, this is happening more often now, almost all the time! 


I need help urgently! How to control the unpredictable and how to stop it, especially when I often am trapped and there is something bugging me!? By the way.... I do not have ADHD or anything similar! Just Autism, Dyspraxia and PTSD (with anxiety) 

A warrior from an unknown land here to protect those without a voice and those who deserve it

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    I know anger issues arise with people who have PTSD, but unfortunatley I don't know how that can be helped.

    with ASD it is recognising that you are becoming angry and, as you say, taking yourself away from the situation, not easy when it is your sister.  Could you have somewhere that you could go to where she is not allowed, so that when she is annoying you you have a quiet place to go and calm down, or a sign so that she realises how much she is bugging you and backs off.  You need to sit down as a family and talk it through with rules for you all to follow to help you.

    My son does deep breathing exercises which help him, so that when he starts to get angry he concentrates on his breathing. I know some people find that mindfulness helps.

    Good luck.

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    My sister follows me wherever REGARDLESS of rules, she doesn't follow them! She NEVER listens to my dad or me... misbehaves all the time and VERY rarely does any work, I have to clean up after them cuz dad can't always do it due to his disabilities. She often just barges into my room while I am trying to reest or sleep... which is just plain annoying. 

    Breathing exercises help but there is the one thing, I can't always see or feel my anger, it just comes and my temper is unleashed WITHIN SECONDS!!! It doesn't help then because it would be too late. 


    However I may have found a way to prevent it... a memo/note on my phone that says "If I get a little angry, get away from whatever that is causing it or ignore it and put music on (peaceful music helps)" and I also have a figit spinner which sorta helps Smile 

    A warrior from an unknown land here to protect those without a voice and those who deserve it
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    I am pleased you have found something that helps. smiley

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