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under 2 year showing signs of autism

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under 2 year showing signs of autism

Tue 15 Aug 2017 8:49pm

Hi all, I have just started out as a childminder. I have took on a little boy aged 23 months his mother is Russian and father Polish. He has an elder half brother who lives with him and speaks fluent English. The little boy has no language in any of the languages he associates with. I also think he has sensory issues we were at the park and his trousers got a little wet and muddy and he was distraught. He is also extremely fussy with food as in complete refusal to try anything. His emotions are quite different from any child I have worked with for example he rarely shows joy/ happiness doesn't smile much even when his dad collects him and I take him from mum on a morning there is no emotion. The only time he has cried is when his trousers got wet and from his facial expression i could see he really hated it.
I have worked with some autistic children although much older. I am just wondering if these would be early signs of autism?
I have already contacted the health visitor with all this information and she is going to arrange the 2 year old check with his parents ASAP. Just really wanting to put my mind at rest as i know diagnosis can take a long time and I am finding myself constantly reading up on autism!!
Other things i have noted is he has no imaginative play and likes to spin wheels on cars. He will push cars around normally as well. Any info advice would be great.
thanks Kelly

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    Hi Kelly

    Seeking a full assessment really is the way to go in order to get a diagnosis (or not). While reading up and researching in the meantime is useful for post-diagnosis action there is not much else you can do in the meantime apart from perhaps putting in place some strategies to support him. 

    You seem to have quite some experience already so helping him to find other ways to communicate may be useful while you wait for diagnosis. Do let us know hwta happens.


    Clare Caccavone, Head of Learner & Family Engagement at Ambitious about Autism

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