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Son has started reception without formal support

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Son has started reception without formal support

Sun 17 Sep 2017 9:24am

Hi there,

I am new to the site. My son has just turned 4 and is settling into reception class. We are at the start of a long process of requesting an EHCP for him as he struggled in his nursery year. He needs constant support as cannot cope with alot of what's expected from him at this stage. Limited speech and sensory overload are two of the long list of challenges he faces on a daily basis. 

I just wondered if there were any parents out there dealing with the same difficult times or have been through this process. 

My heart is so heavy dropping him off knowing he hasn't the support he needs yet. We are lucky he has a TA with him two mornings a week but the school cannot provide anymore support. 

Also, we have EP and speech therapy reports with recommendations which the school are not putting into place. I feel I am having to also fight the senco for adjustments to be made for him, (e.g. A workstation for when things get too much). 

Sorry for the long first message, but we are going through a tough time. 

Anxious Mumma x


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    Hi, I am sorry that you are finding things so tough at the moment.

    The SEN should be helping put everything into place that has been suggested, and helping you fight.

    I am afraid that my son wasn't diagnosed until year2/3, so didn't have the same issues. What I do know is that school can be a fight to get everything in place.

    i hope things improve.

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