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Please sign and share my petition on

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Please sign and share my petition on

Mon 20 Nov 2017 10:58pm

Hi my name is Jennifer and I have started a campaign to prevent local authorities from abusing their powers. My son Yakeem was informally excluded in 2012/13 by Whitefield Academy in Waltham Forest. A background to my story can be found here:’s-fight-after-autistic-son-was-‘illegally-excluded’

In September 2015 whist I was exercising my rights under section 326 of the Education Act 1996 I was arrested and investigated by Metropolitan Police due to false allegations made by social services. They retracked their false allegations because I recorded them on my mobile phone.

The LA were still imposed with a care order because I was on bail for 11 months but was eventually found not guilty due to no evidence.

Please sign and share my petition so that this does not happen to another disabled child or adolescent. My campaign can be found here:


Jennifer and Yakeem

Jennifer Kazley

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