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Finding your place in a career

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Jack D OU student

Finding your place in a career

Thu 24 May 2018 4:21pm

Aftering returning from Florida, reality trully sets in;

I know that now I must find a way out of my current job at Tesco. That job is now just abut money, I have been there too long, I must put my skills and knowledge to use in a professional career. 

I'm still waiting to hear from the RAF and the aerospace position at QinetiQ, however I have been experiencing alot of realisation. I have completed the MEng, if I want to get into engineering I can't just apply and get into my dream job, I must first get in the front door. That means I must be my name out there and accept anything people put forward to me. 

That is what I have done this week, I have updated my CV on CV library and looked at other engineering positions around my home area of Bedfordshire. I have had a couple of calls, from people who have noticed it, offering me potential positions and I have noticed other possible jobs on other websites. 

These positions include testing new flame retarant materials on components, the kind of material used to make Tim Peake's Soyuz seat liner. Also there is a place for wind engineering, near MK, it offers me the chance to put my skills from aerospace engineering to use and what I learnt about re-newable enrgy from my BEng course, also NASA is helping develop new renewable technolgies every day. 

I must remember I still what to stick to my ambition and become an astronaut, but I have learnt from reading Mike Massimino's book "Spaceman", that I must find my own way there. I don't have to follow in their footsteps, I just follow the path I have laid out before me. Also I don't have to worry about acting like a novice and not knowing what to do, even when Massimino got assigned to a space mission he is in the exact same position as me.

But as what his trianers told him; "You may not feel like you're prepared, but they woudn't let you go if you weren't" and "It is an open book exam, you're not alone, you are part of a team and you can always get help if you need it" (page 172). 

Also his fellow crewmember told him "They belived in him and that he could do it, the problem is he didn't beive in himself".

I need to gain confidence in myslef by getting into engneering, I have proved I'm capable by completing the MEng, also in the past year I have learnt to cook more meals and do housework. So while I still willing to relocate if need be, with the RAF or QinetiQ, I can see that getting a job closer to home, would be a good thing initially, I can alway get a place later, once I save up more money and gain confidence in engineering. Also the cost of commuting to somewhere like Leicester for 12 months, is about the same as renting at £500-600 per month, not counting groceries.

Another thing I have been experiencing since coming home, is anticipation of planning my next trip away in 2020 at the earliest. No matter how hard you try there is always something more to do, you didn't get around to. I mean somewhere like DIsney you can always go again and again and I worry a new job might jeopodize my chances of that, but that is just silly thinking. But after years of suffering from the worry about leaving home, I enjoy travelling away now and a new, better paid job, would enable this. As for a place of my own, that can when I choose I'm ready or when circumstances force it.

Finally as for beocming an astronaut ESA is not recruitng right now and with the vast array of new technologies and innovations imerging from the space program, they would be glad to accept someone who has experience in this field. Particually if we are going to other planets, also they look for people who can overcome obstacles and show skills, something I have shown clearly in recent years.

I also still wish to have a go learning to fly, but £5700 is alot to fork over and and £760 a year to maintain is just too much. So I'm going for a week long glider course in a month, much cheaper and most astronaut pilots fly powered aircrft not unpowered gliders, also I still scuba dive and I did "DIVE QUEST" at Disney Epcot, it was an amazing and out of this world experience. 

That is what I have come to enjoy about travelling, being independent, doing what I want not being held back and the sense of reward from my work. 

In conclusion I look forward to leaving Tesco, starting in engineering, where ever that might be I know it will be right for me, whether I live away or commute. 

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