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6 year old refusing to attend school

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6 year old refusing to attend school

Mon 27 Aug 2018 8:48pm

Hi everyone 

I’m looking for some advice, hints/tips in connection with my son point blank refusing to attend school.

My son has attended on the odd day, but he has struggled with this.  He has shared support, but not for the full day. 

He has communication problems, which adds to his anxiety, as he has others laughing at him, which completely knocks his confidence. He does have an iPad that can speak for him, but is embarrassed to use this, as he’s very well aware that he doesn’t speak the same as the other children.

My son is a very bright, placid boy, who is just finding the whole mainstream schooling extremely difficult. The school are trying their best to reintroduce my son back into school, but the problem I’m having at the moment is getting him out the door in the first place. I’ve tried everything I can think of. 

His safe zone is home, and I know the longer he doesn’t attend school, the harder it will be to get him there. 

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Even any tips on what to ask his school, as it’s difficult to know exactly what goes on at school, with me not being there, therefore I’m not too sure what to ask for to help move things forward in the right direction.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this post.



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    Hi Lola1,


    I have seen some ridiculing behaviour from other children towards my son and it is really heartbreaking. My son also sometimes don’t like to attend the school mostly because routines at school makes him anxious.


    From what you are saying I think he would benefit a lot from full time one to one support whom he can rely on at difficult times, have you applied for EHCP? I strongly recommend speaking to IPSEA, they have been extremely helpful and we contact them every time we run out of idea. School and specialist and parents will be able to find ways to make the school more comfortable to children with additional needs. My son has benefited a lot from an occupational therapy regime at school for him, simple things like fizzy gym, trampoline time, quiet zone but turned out to be quite helpful.


    Regarding your son not liking to leave home I think (and I am not an expert in this field by any definition) it could be that the behaviour of other children is still upsetting him. It might be helpful to invite a couple of his classmates to home, those who are polite and well behaved of course so it would mitigate the bad memory that he has from school. We have been told that my son having a buddy friend would help with his confidence, though finding a school friend for my son isn’t easy if not impossible.


    Wish all the best, please update us how it went and I hope others with similar experience come and share their ideas.



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