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Appealing against college placement

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Appealing against college placement

Mon 10 Jun 2019 2:29pm

Hi, my son is 19 and we are about to appeal againstĀ his new college placement. Could anyone please give me any advice? It would be lovely to hear from anyone who has been through this process.

Aileen Marks

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    We have an 18 year old daughter who was diagnosed with PPD when she was 16. She left her school as the social pressure became to great. Since last Sept she has been in a special ed school part time of which much was home schooled. She has recently been awarded an EHC but whilst going through the process the local authority were questioning the legalities of my daughter starting sixth form at the age of 18. We found that there is no legal barrier and she is set to start at the sixth she wanted with her EHC in place. I did contact the Children’s commissioner and they sent the link below. I joined this site so I could let you know. I hope this helps


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