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Can anybody help me understand the diagnoses process

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Can anybody help me understand the diagnoses process

Wed 17 Jul 2019 10:44pm

My son is going through assessment for autism again age 9. He was assessed at 2 and 5 and now we are repeating the process again. 

May two they said there was not enough evidence and he may grow out of some behaviours so they would look again at 5. 

At 5 they said not enough evidence to confirm ASD but then at 7 he stared to fall apart at school and they decided to repeat the process again. We are two years down the line and don’t seem much further on. 

We have competed 1 ADOS assessment which took place in school. The won’t discuss the results of this with me till my appointment which was supposed to be November 4th to get diagnosis. 

Today in the post we have received to letters. One is the Australian scale questionnaire for me to compete and return and the other is another appointment in December (after what should of been out diagnosis date) for an ADOS 2 assessment. 

Why would they need to do another ADOS? 

I was told this was a standardised test and the most accurate/clear cut test to help with diagnosis I really thought this was the end of the wait. 

I know services are over stretched but I can’t help but feel like they have taken too long to diagnose in my sons case. In the mean time we have no support from school and my son is suffering because of their ignorance. 

Has anyone had and experience of the assessments going on so long? 

Also does anyone know the difference between ADOS and ADOS 2 assessment? 

Sorry it’s a

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