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Telling my son he may have autism

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Telling my son he may have autism

Wed 31 Jul 2019 12:37am

My son is 7 and we are very certain he has Aspergers and SPD. He has an assessment in September but I feel now he needs an explanation as to why he goes to see the paediatrician, why we fill out forms etc. I’m pretty sure he’s heard us talking about him to close family and friends and I think this may be a cause for his anxiety. 


How do I go about telling him? He's 7, very knowledgeable but sensitive and slightly delayed in his understanding of feelings and emotions. Should I get a story book or just talk to him? 

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    I'm guessing he's bright as a button? If so, then how about talking about brain wiring and that some people are neurotypical and see the world in one way and other people are neurodiverse and have more sensitive senses. and are sometimes called autistic. You can see he finds it hard sometimes so you're trying to find out which sort of person he is so you know the right way to do things with him.


    This worked with both mine, one of whom can hear me opening the biscuit tin if he's 100m away at the bottom of the garden and can tell from car engines who's coming. It makes it clear that it's a difference not a deficiency and that they can do most things, just not always in the right way. As the late great Eric Morecambe put it, they're playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.

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