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Worried about my 18 month old daughter

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Worried about my 18 month old daughter

Thu 22 Aug 2019 12:23pm

Hi. Previously posted about trying to get a diagnosis for my youngest son, now both he and his older brother have a diagnosis of ASD. They were diagnosed quite early, age 3 & age 2 for the youngest son & are both extremely different. 

Now we have a new addition, my lovely daughter, who is almost 18 months. She's got alot of issues, extreme climbing, she will not stop, however dangerous & I can't take my eyes of her. She's not talking, can say bye but it's very rare. She doesn't respond to her name 9 times out of ten. Dosnt understand instructions. Won't eat. Spins in circles. She does not like kisses or being held. Although she struggles with food she's always trying to eat rocks, dirt, paper etc..

She's very similar to my youngest son, but only when even he was her age even her mannerisms. Is 18 months to young to be concerned?  I know the health visitor will advice me to wait or suggest it's coppied behaviour from her brothers but both boys talk very clearly now, love food and are now 5 & 8, they talk & play with her all the time. 

Thank you. 


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