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Ehcp 18yr son

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Ehcp 18yr son

Thu 29 Aug 2019 10:56am

 Hi everyone I have not been on for a while but would just like to ask once again for some advice as in the past you have giving me so much help my 18 yr old son was struggling with college and was withdrawn in March with support from gp we are hoping to get him back on track he is going to try college again with the support that we had discussed in March I have just received an email from the support worker who was at the meeting in March now saying the things we discussed  back then may  not be guaranteed to be put in place for September  and wanuts us to come in to chat about his options my son is under the impression everything we discussed would be happening in September I am now stressing about telling my son as I feel this may but him back he has gone through hell these last months and is now looking forward to going back in am so proud of him but now so worried thank you for listening and hope to hear from you soon.

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