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Is he autistic?

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Is he autistic?

Thu 24 Oct 2019 10:12am


I have a 3y10m kid who just started going to KG. In school, from the first day his teacher said your kid is not OK. 

I understood from them that my kid is having autism. 

Ive never thought my kid is autistic. He is very smart and like pretend play with me or his brother. He is not aggressive. When I ask him to do things he does it correctly. When he turned 3 trained him for potty very easily in just 1 month he masterd that.

When I point to things he shows interest. He asks for help when needed. He responds when I call him. He still has difficulty using pencil and writing but he is interested to learn. He tells story in his own way. He talks in 3 to 4 words sentences. He is not fultent but he can express his ideas and needs.


The school teacher comment put me on stress for 2 months now. I talked to his pediatrician who told me that my kid is completely normal and smart. But since he is still young he needs time to get used to school environment.

Today was parents meeting in his school. His English teachers said he has very big improvement since his first day and he started to listen to instructions and play with kids and learn. But he said he still don't respond to his name in class and doesn't like to answer teacher questions. When he comes to class in the morning he says good morning teacher, and when leavr good bye or see you later. Even though at home he responds to all my questions and his name when I call him I wonder why he is not doing that in school.

I am very stressed and I want your advice.




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    He doesn't seem autistic. One can't jump at conclusions only because someone says he's "different."

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