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Ways to deal with frustration

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Ways to deal with frustration

Sun 27 Oct 2019 7:43pm


i am new here and hoping for advice.  My grandson has autism he is 7 years old and has great difficulty expressing frustrations, he screams throws things and sometimes runs off.  This is getting to be dangerous as he will throw anything with no thought to the consequences or danger to himself or others.  My question is do you think there is anyway we can get 121 help for him to assist with teaching him a way to deal with these frustrations that is safer and more sustainable.  He gets frustrated at anything and everything to Different degrees just saying hello can result in grunting and looking or moving away from you.  His mum my daughter is a single parent and really struggling she says his school (mainstream) are trying to help but nothing works.  She has tried the cards which show feelings he did not engage at all.  Any advice welcome.

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