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Looking for ASD university student participants!

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Looking for ASD university student participants!

Wed 6 Nov 2019 10:19am



My name is Daniella and I’m currently in my final year of university at Leeds Beckett and I’m looking for people to take part in my online study for my dissertation. I am researching resilience levels in university students who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The title of my research project is:


Does resilience increase throughout university life in students with Autism Spectrum Disorder?


If you’re a university student, undergraduate or postgraduate, have been diagnosed with ASD and would like to participate please follow the link below for more information:




Please feel free to share this post and share the link with anyone you think would be suitable for this study!


Thank you in advance!


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    The questionnaire should only take 5-10 minutes and is completley anonymous smiley

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