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Community Champions team

The Talk about Autism team includes one Community Manager and a group of hardworking volunteers who we call our Community Champions.

Buttercup (Amy)

I'm Amy, and I live in Bedfordshire. I have four children ranging in age from toddler to twenties. I am also a proud grandma. I joined the community just as I started the diagnosis journey wih my son, then aged two. Since then my teenage son has also been diagnosed. My sons' diagnoses were the start of a steep learning curve for the whole family, and Ambitious about Autism has been a vital source of support and information for us. I love being a Community Champion as I'm always learning new things, as well as having the chance to support others, and share my own experiences.

fixmatop (Kim)

I'm Kimberley (Kim) and I have a diagnosis of Asperger's which I received age 15. I am a graduate with two HNC courses in food and childcare and a BSC (hon) food and consumer science. My relationship with ASC is mostly a personal one through my own diagnosis and family members but I have also done a lot of research and study too and have learnt a lot here too. I have been and active on the forums since 2011 and a Community Champion since 2013.

JosieB (Josie)

I am mum to three grown up children. My son Tom was identified as being on the spectrum when he was a toddler (about three years old). He was formally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when he was about seven. I was married for 25 years to an adult on the spectrum although he was not diagnosed until his late 40's and I have several extended family members on the spectrum among my in-laws. I have been a member of Talk about Autism since it was publicly launched and found it a very rewarding experience. The insights I have gained in particular from the adults on the spectrum in the forum have been invaluable in gaining a greater understanding of how my son thinks and interprets things.

NickyB (Nicky)

I have 2 boys of 17 and 12. My youngest was diagnosed with autism when he was 4. I originally came to the forums looking for advice and support, and have since had the privilege of becoming a Community Champion. I am pleased to be able to support others, especially with negotiating the education system for children with special needs.


I live in the Midlands and am a married mother of one.  My son is diagnosed with high functioning autism.  No-one else in the family had any form of diagnosis and as soon as we had the diagnosis we were discharged from all services.  I was told to contact the Autism Society, who put me in touch with this forum.  Finally I had found somewhere that was able to give me the answers that I needed.  I am continually trying to find information to help my son and hope that I can bring this knowledge and my experience to date to help others on the forum.

Tallulah (Laura)

I am Laura. I live in Surrey with my best friend Mitzi, who is a cat. My parents live nearby. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2007 when I was 25. I am now studying for a degree in Animal Behaviour, and I have a Saturday job at a cat rescue centre. I enjoy being part of the Ambitious about Autism community, where I can meet others with autism or who have autism in their families, to share tips, advice and friendship. An interesting fact that you may not know about me is that I like cats.



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