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About Autism

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Asking The Same Questions

Tue 17 May 2016 4:08pm

My 7 year old granddaughter seems to need reassurance all the time. If the family are doing something different like going on a day out or on holiday or even just how many days till she goes back to school she will ask about it repeatedly. She doesn't have a problem with doing different things just seems to need to talk about it. She will go off and play but always comes back to ask about whatever activity is happening next. 

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Help! Early signs of autism?

Mon 16 May 2016 9:49am

Hello, I am new here, thank god I found this, I hope to get a bit of help from people with more knowledge,( please forgive my grammar mistakes as English is my second language)

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when you're next in manila, why not drop into the puzzle cafe

Thu 5 May 2016 11:39am

A cafe in the Philippines is giving disabled people in the area a chance to succeed in life and break down stigma in the process.

Jose Canoy was 12 when his family realised that he would no longer do well in school.

He has autism, and his family began to understand that, unlike other kids his age, Jose was never going to write an essay on history or memorise the planets in the solar system. His brain just didn't work that way and he wasn't being given much support at school.

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ASDA living store - cheetham hill - starts quiet hour for autists

Sat 30 Apr 2016 11:02am

escalators, music etc switched off to reduce stressors for autists.


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Helping Autistic under two years old

Thu 21 Apr 2016 4:45pm

My grandson Paul is 20 months.Is he too young to b diagnose as autistic?

Still no verbal communication. Only words are Da Da (dad), Mama (mum), bye (and he will wave). He points , he nods (yes)and shake his hand (means no).

Last week when i went to pick up two other grandkids (his cousins) from school, Paul was very clingy and was upset when another parent came over to say hi to me.

I said he's shy n tired (being polite), but thats just a cover up.

are these signs of autism?

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Anne Bulgin

Don't know what to next

Sun 17 Apr 2016 10:05pm


My son has asperges and will be 20 this year.  My problem is he doesn't want any help, will not go to any groups doesn't see why he should have to work, refuses to help around the house, cooks for him self leaves everything behind him. He makes my husband so cross he wants to kick him out and I am stuck in the middle not knowing what to do next.

Many thanks Anne 

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Families and autism

Fri 8 Apr 2016 12:37pm

Lovely blog by a mother about her son and what she's proud of:


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Autism-specific App Visuals

Thu 7 Apr 2016 2:04pm

Hello Everyone,

My name is Audrey and I am a final year at university. I am conducting a project about Technology and Autism in order to be able to create a prototype and a final app product that would benefit adults with Autism. From previous research I notices that there are not many autism-specific apps available for adults with ASD and I want to be bale to create one, I have written a short survey based on my primary research results. I would really appreciate if you could take 5 mins to fill it out This will ve very helpful for me! Thank you!

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Elizabeth S

Research survey on ASD and driving

Tue 5 Apr 2016 1:20pm

Researchers at the University of Nottingham are interested in the experiences of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders in relation to driving. We would like to invite you to complete our online survey, which asks about these experiences, and is accessible at the following link: http://tinyurl.com/NottinghamDrivingSurvey

The survey is for anyone aged 17 or over, regardless of whether you have started learning to drive.

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