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Anger issues...

Sun 23 Jul 2017 2:53pm

Hello again, I am having some problems with my anger, it's been like this for a long time...a lot of things can set it off and once it goes, THERE IS NO CONTROLLING IT!!! That is my problem, if it can't be controlled while I am actually angry... what can I do? Everyone just keeps telling me "control it" or step away from the situation,.... isn't easy especially when one of those things KEEPS following me wherever I go and intentally bugs me just so I would lose my temper (my sister) and when that happens, I shout, scream, throw a fit, the usual stuff...

A warrior from an unknown land here to protect those without a voice and those who deserve it
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paddy mcguinness and wife christine reveal all about their autistic children

Sat 22 Jul 2017 9:49am

'Some days it feels like you're drowning': Paddy McGuinness and his wife reveal highs and lows of parenting autistic twins

Penelope and Leo, the couple's twins, have been diagnosed with autism...

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kai pacha - autist in argentina - bird sanctuary

Thu 20 Jul 2017 10:43am

Kai Pacha has autism and she's found sanctuary by caring for injured wild animals in Argentina.

haven't heard item yet but it's somewhere within this edition of outlook - bbc world service :

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Wed 5 Jul 2017 12:23pm

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Autism Breakthrough Strategies with Kate C. Wilde

Sat 10 Jun 2017 3:01pm

Just saw this training day, thought you might be interested. Don't have previous info about the lecturer just those in their website. The syllabus seems to be the things I need now.

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melt downs

Sun 30 Apr 2017 6:58pm

Hi all, first time I have posted on here but just after a bit of advice. Mason has only being diagnosed 2 weeks so all very new to us. My main issue is when we go on days out which I must admit are very few due to Mason being such hard work when we do go out. How do people go about helping their child to understand what they can and can't do and reasoning with them. Mason lacks understanding when we talk to him and has no awareness of danger. All becomes very stressful for him and for us. Many thanks masonsmum

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micro-pigs for all

Sat 15 Apr 2017 8:59am

if you haven't got one - acquire one soon!!
Meet the miracle micro pig who taught a non-verbal autistic child to TALK

A GINGER micro pig became the talk of the town during today's This Morning as a beaming mother recalled how the beast taught her autistic five-year-old to talk.

Sam Bailey was born bilingual, but his speech soon deteriorated until he was eventually diagnosed with classical autism.

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tongue clicking

Thu 13 Apr 2017 7:37pm

Hi. My five year old who has autism developed a bad stammer in his speech over the last eight months, and recently ( over two weeks) he's begun to tongue click, a lot, couple of times each hour.
I was wondering if any one had any advice about this or experienced something similar?
I'm going to book him in with our gp but am unsure whether this is most likely to be a part of his autism or a part of his stammer(stutter). I don't know if it could be classed as a tic but he tics by blinking and head and body movements during bad times of anexity and when his stammer is bad.

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Struggling with asd/adhd sons behaviour

Tue 11 Apr 2017 6:49am

Hi ive not been on for a while, my son was diagnosed with typical autism at 29 months. Hes now almost 7 and is non verbal, still in nappies, needs feeding, doesnt sleep, requires constant supervision. He was also diagnosed with severe adhd last month. We are waiting for an appt with a different paediatrician to try adhd meds. But atm im really struggling. He whinged and cries from morning till night and has at least 4 or 5 big meltdowns a day. I have severe depression and anxiety and im not coping well. His behaviour at school (special school in autism unit) is fine. Its all at home.


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