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Ways to deal with frustration

Sun 27 Oct 2019 7:43pm


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Worried about my 18 month old daughter

Thu 22 Aug 2019 12:23pm

Hi. Previously posted about trying to get a diagnosis for my youngest son, now both he and his older brother have a diagnosis of ASD. They were diagnosed quite early, age 3 & age 2 for the youngest son & are both extremely different. 

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School don’t agree....

Sun 30 Jun 2019 9:52pm

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has any experience of school having a totally different opinion on your child’s needs? 

My son has been under assessment since her was 2 years old. He is now 9, he has daily panic attacks around going to school, spends most of the morning on the toilet because of his nerves, has sensory issues and has made no solid friendships since starting school. 

He has recently had an ADOS which we are waiting a meeting to discus the results but the on the back of it we have been asked to complete the Australian scale questions for assessing aspergers. 

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Does your child have autism spectrum disorder?

Mon 20 May 2019 3:37pm

Hi Everyone,

I am an ABA tutor working with children with autism and completing my research on the side. We are looking for participants to fill out our survey on the link below and help us understand more about autism and co-occurring challenges.

We are looking for you, if your child has a diagnosis of autism and is between age 3-18 years. You can take part in this study if your child has any co-occurring challenges as well as if she/he doesn’t have.

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Please someone answer this, never really felt this helpless before.

Sat 2 Mar 2019 3:59pm

Hi! I need help to learn why I get banned from loads of places and how I can get to fit into groups better.

I'm Chris, I have Asperger's, Cerebra Palsy, Hydrocephalus, Dyspraxia and Caetextia. Not sure if I'm putting this in the right part of Fb or if I'm using Fb right so if I'm not, tell me to move this and I will.  NOT good at this site. Anyway.

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Struggling mam

Fri 9 Nov 2018 1:05pm

 Hi I am so sorry I have not been on for a while but I am struggling to cope right now I feel I have to give up my 17yr son is struggling  with college and my 13yr old 6 is struggling  with her anxiety and depression not sure if she has autism too then there is me i just can't go on things are just going round in circles I have emailed every website I can and some get back to you and say hang on in there are things will get better a don't know how to help my kids anymore I am too tired  how do others cope plz advice than you.

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jazz hands or applause?

Thu 4 Oct 2018 9:13am

james sinclair was on the radio pointing out that some autistic people are discombobulated by applause.

here's his web site - autistic and unapologetic :

personally it doesn't bother me much.








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Sat 15 Sep 2018 8:28am

Philip Martin-Nielson: an autistic life transformed by dance

He was told his autism meant he could never have an independent life – but the non-verbal world of dance changed everything...

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Fri 8 Jun 2018 11:24am

Hello my son is 19 he has Aspergers. He starts arguments with me I'm his mum. Then always says I started them when I didn't but he really believes this ! He calls me some disgusting names and just keeps ranting and ranting even though you ask him to go away or I shut the door hoping he will go away but he just keeps going. but the thing that really worrys me is that he really believes it's all me when it's not . Does anybody else experience this please, loun900


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