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My 4 year old is on the spectrum

Mon 25 Sep 2017 2:09pm

What organisations are there within London that can help practically or with other forms of support. Guidelines and practical tips that would be useful for the home environment.

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Trying to work out anxiety about demands

Sun 17 Sep 2017 11:13am

Hello! I am trying to work out why I get so anxious about demands and I am really interested to hear from anyone else about their own experiences of this.

I get panic attacks and anxiety about demands. I want to give an example because 'demands' means weird things to me.

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Did you know that autistic-like behaviours do not necessarily mean your child has autism?

Sat 19 Aug 2017 2:00pm

Did you know that autistic-like behaviours do not necessarily mean your child has autism? Are you worried about autistic-like behaviours because your child• does not talk, play, interact, eat, respond or behave as you would expect at this age?• shows repetitive or controlling behaviours like lining things up, flapping hands, tantrums or insisting on sameness?

Sibylle Janert
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under 2 year showing signs of autism

Tue 15 Aug 2017 8:49pm

Hi all, I have just started out as a childminder. I have took on a little boy aged 23 months his mother is Russian and father Polish. He has an elder half brother who lives with him and speaks fluent English. The little boy has no language in any of the languages he associates with. I also think he has sensory issues we were at the park and his trousers got a little wet and muddy and he was distraught. He is also extremely fussy with food as in complete refusal to try anything.

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dinosaur alert- charlie edwards - asperger's boy outdinos natural history museum.

Tue 1 Aug 2017 8:52am

A 10-year-old boy has outsmarted dinosaur boffins at the Natural History Museum by pointing out a mistake on a label.

Dinosaur fan Charlie Edwards noticed the outline of the four-legged Protoceratops was labelled as an Oviraptor – a dinosaur with a beak that walked on its hind legs....

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Coping with new baby

Tue 1 Aug 2017 8:51am

Hello all,

I'm a first-time mum - my baby is currently 8 weeks old. My husband also has an autistic son, who is nearly seven.

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Anger issues...

Sun 23 Jul 2017 2:53pm

Hello again, I am having some problems with my anger, it's been like this for a long time...a lot of things can set it off and once it goes, THERE IS NO CONTROLLING IT!!! That is my problem, if it can't be controlled while I am actually angry... what can I do? Everyone just keeps telling me "control it" or step away from the situation,.... isn't easy especially when one of those things KEEPS following me wherever I go and intentally bugs me just so I would lose my temper (my sister) and when that happens, I shout, scream, throw a fit, the usual stuff...

A warrior from an unknown land here to protect those without a voice and those who deserve it
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paddy mcguinness and wife christine reveal all about their autistic children

Sat 22 Jul 2017 9:49am

'Some days it feels like you're drowning': Paddy McGuinness and his wife reveal highs and lows of parenting autistic twins

Penelope and Leo, the couple's twins, have been diagnosed with autism...

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kai pacha - autist in argentina - bird sanctuary

Thu 20 Jul 2017 10:43am

Kai Pacha has autism and she's found sanctuary by caring for injured wild animals in Argentina.

haven't heard item yet but it's somewhere within this edition of outlook - bbc world service :

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Autism Breakthrough Strategies with Kate C. Wilde

Sat 10 Jun 2017 3:01pm

Just saw this training day, thought you might be interested. Don't have previous info about the lecturer just those in their website. The syllabus seems to be the things I need now.


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