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Emma Louise

Does your child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) present with behaviour problems?

Fri 4 Mar 2016 11:24am

This is a study on behaviour problems and AD/HD symptoms in children and adolescents with ASD.

We would like to hear from parents of children with ASD who are aged between 3 to 17 years. You are still invited to participate even if your child does not have behavioural problems as we can learn a lot from your information on why some children present with such problems and why others do not. 

Please click on the link provided to participate:

Thank you!

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Natalie Allen

need some support

Tue 1 Mar 2016 9:10pm

My son who is 3 years old has recently been diagnosed with autism, he cannot talk and he has the understanding of a 12 month old. He is really aggressive and is constantly angry, he bites, throws objects, hurts himself , head butts floors the list goes on. He is constantly hurting his 5 year old sister who is scared of him .

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Can anyone help?

Wed 24 Feb 2016 7:43am

My 20year old student son with high functioning autism living at university has anxiety which Is spiralling out of control, making him miserable with obsessional thoughts.I'd like to find CBT for him. Is it worth going through the uni or should I find a specialist experienced with autism? Is there a list of recommended therapists?  Is it me, or is it impossible to get through on the NAS helpline? Although every website I look at acknowledges anxiety as a common problem there are no practical solutions. I want a phone number!!

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Natasha J

What do I need to know before caring for someone with Autism?

Thu 18 Feb 2016 1:26am

Hi everyone,

I am currently studying a course in disability support work.
Can anybody please give me an insight of what I need to know about autism before caring for someone with this condition.
More specifically, what I need to know about caring for someone with autism.

Thank you in advance

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I want to help myself...

Wed 17 Feb 2016 12:52pm


I'm currently 'in the system', waiting for a diagnosis of Asperger's. I understand from many things I've read that getting to the end of a diagnosis can take some time. In light of this, I want to help myself. I'm looking for advice on how to read people correctly - and not go 'off on one' if I misread them! This happens quite frequently...

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matthew garnett - ADHD, autism and learning difficulties

Wed 17 Feb 2016 10:56am

parents audio diary of trying to get him appropriate care.

from 10 minutes approx into 5live daily :
BTW - jeremy corbyn is extremely interested in mental health.

when there was all the kerfuffle about him being elected labout leader someone phoned into lbc with an interesting perspective.

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Rob Lawson

trying to understand autism

Tue 2 Feb 2016 12:02pm

my girlfriends 5yr old is currently going thru the diagnosis process. my girlfriend is getting very frustrated because of the length of time it is taking. in the meantime i want to know if there is anyway i can deal with her daughters moods. if something annoys her she will punch, kick, scratch, pinch, throw anything she can get hold of, destroy property, she has even ripped doors off its hinges. if she was just being generally naughty i might raise my voice a little but i know in this situation that wont help.

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Silly Sally


Tue 26 Jan 2016 6:59pm


i don't know what to do, my 10 yo has just tried tying a belt around his neck and when I took it off him, he kept trapping it back and doing it again. When I managed to remove it he started punching himself in the face, I'm really worried and don't want to leave him alone. It's not the first time he's shown this behaviour but he seems to take it further each time, I don't know what to do and I can't watch him 24/7, advice, please, would really appreciate it,


SS x

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J patt

Trying to understand Grandsons behaviours

Mon 25 Jan 2016 10:59am


J patt
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S J Wardell

Support Rquired

Sun 24 Jan 2016 6:18pm

Many people discuss the support needed by parents, but what about the support needed by those diagnosed?

My son was recently diagnosed with being on the spectrum; my wife and I punched the air as we thought that this would provide a catalyst for the support our son needs. How wrong we were! Since our sons diagnosis, we are no further forward than we were six years ago. Do we have to continue to raise our son without any support, or direction? What an complete sham this is for any person with a hidden disability and those who care for them.


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