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Sarah Travis


Mon 14 Dec 2015 8:37pm

My son is 11 with ASD lately hes become so angry with everything.
For once im lost i have no idea how to help him when i try all he does is scream at me Sad

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Jack D OU student

Jack's final 2015 update

Sun 13 Dec 2015 7:24pm

Hello everyone,

It's Jack, my last update for the year is on YouTube and we can all look forward to 2016 as a year for further progress and sucesses for me and others.

My video is on


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Thu 10 Dec 2015 8:22pm

It is 20.20. I have not yet got around to having a wash, because when I woke up I immediately became engrossed reading articles on a website that had links to lots of other articles and have been busy reading ever since. I am now having a lot of anxiety about the fact that I haven't washed, I need and want to wash, but I am finding it very difficult to do it now. I also need to go shopping, and need to get up early tomorrow, and it is getting later and later. Do other autistics find themselves stuck like this? Why is washing so anxiety enducing? Particularly when done late?

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Sue H

Teenage Issues Regarding Puberty

Wed 25 Nov 2015 10:43am


I've just joined this forum. I am a teaching assistant at secondary boys' school. I have worked with a student since he joined the school as a Year 7 student, he is now in Year 10. He is a delightful boy and excels at maths.

Recently there have been several incidents regarding misinterpretation of horse play with his friends, he actually hit one last week. He becomes very angry and usually walks away to the SEN department. I was wondering if this was anything to do with puberty.

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Help-High functioning 10 yr old with sensory issues of smell, taste and touch

Mon 23 Nov 2015 1:35pm

Please could someone advise if there has been any solution found so far or is there any ongoing research that can help my son who currently cannot be kissed, has to shut doors around the home and cannot join in family meals when he thinks someone is having milk, cheese, tomatoes, bananas or certain foods he has a sensory issue with?

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Still struggling on

Wed 18 Nov 2015 10:58pm

Hi have spoke many times with sons meltdowns only six but he getting more meltdowns Monday Friday at school are worse for him every morning hits kicks screams spits at me jump around car when we arrive at school  his language skills are not good so hard to pin point what happening we know he gets kept in many a times at play times for hitting others r, fell in car hurt his back which I wasn't aware of , , well long story by five o'clock in evening I got a call from school saying they reported me to starting point  was told son had said I threw him around the car , when I had taken him to sc

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A head strong toddler!

Tue 17 Nov 2015 8:28pm

Hi, Just wandering if anyone has got advice for me please.  I have a 3.5 year old who appears to be completely controlling me and every situation.  He refuses to co-operate and today I've had comments like n.o. spells no, I will not, you do it, etc.  These are responses to asking him to do things like eat his lunch.

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Carrie J

New Here :)

Wed 4 Nov 2015 8:22pm

Hello All 

My 2 year old son is waiting for his autism diagnosis. The Drs are sure this is what he has. 

My Thomas is non verbal and also doesnt eat any food ( he used to though ) but drinks his peadisure fibre and loves orange juice Smile

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andrew edwards on bbc 5live's afternoon edition - plus listeners' phone calls

Wed 4 Nov 2015 1:05pm

afternoon live - bbc 5live - 2 hours and 20 minutes into programme approx.

interview with andrew edwards and phone calls from members of the public.

afternoon edition -

andrew on the today programme earlier this year -

andrew : mr MUTV - their very own `statto` -


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