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Hidden pool of undiagnosed mothers emerging

Mon 26 Dec 2016 5:57pm



The Guardian contained an article today on the emerging pool of undiagnosed mothers who are identifying with their diagnosed children and seeing similarities in themselves.    I know we have had a few instances on the forum with mothers (and fathers) feeling that they too could be on the spectrum.


You can read the article here.





Josie - Community Champion
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New diagnosis - should I apply for DLA?

Mon 19 Dec 2016 11:09am

Hello everyone,

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17year old with no formal diagnosis

Thu 1 Dec 2016 10:14am

Hi all. I am working with a young man who presents as streetwise, confident and is able to maintain good eye contact. He is currently undertaking agency work and is motivated and eager in seeking to gain an apprenticeship - with the support of a youth employment advisor.  However after working with him, I have noticed some traits which give the picture of a speech, language and communication and/or social communication need - ASD being a possibility:

 - This young man has difficulties with recognising 'safe' people and situations.

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17 month old not pointing or talking

Wed 30 Nov 2016 6:17pm


I have a 17 month old daughter who isn't pointing (to indicate want or show something) or talking yet.

However she does the following:

1. Understands words and commands

2. Points to picture books. But does not point to something she needs. Example - she will try to reach to her milk bottle and if unsuccessful would come crying to me but does not explicitly ask for it by pointing

3. She does babble and I'm hearing gibberish but no idea what any of it means

4. She loves her daycare and shows affection to people there and to us parents

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No diagnosis, what now?

Wed 30 Nov 2016 1:04pm

I was referred for adult autism assessment at 42, came out with just "shy, and anxious due to childhood trauma". Im requesting a review as I'm not happy with the assessment.

Any one else have experience of not getting diagnosis and pursued it..? 

Wasnt expecting a non diagnosis and now feel worse without any explanation of all the autism traits and struggles... My direct relatives, including my son and cousin, have ASD diagnosis or some mental health condition....

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Mandi Gibbons

Son undergoing diagnosis- what to expect?

Thu 10 Nov 2016 7:58am

Hi all.
I'm new on here. I have a son , 22 months, that has been screened and observed by a family member who is a Consultant psychologist. She suspects it's highly likely he has ASD.

The gp has referred him and we are now awaiting our first appointment. There seems to be a long wait.

In the meantime any tips on what to do to help bring on his communication? I'm trying a bit of signing and also using photos.

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Looking back on the first two years after my AS diagnosis

Wed 5 Oct 2016 1:38pm

Hello everybody,

I’ve written a little piece reflecting on the first two years after my AS diagnosis. If anyone’s interested, please have a look:


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Christina Stokes

Boyfriends son may be autistic.

Wed 3 Aug 2016 5:10pm


I recently started dating a man who has an 8 year old son and a 12 year old daughter. I have a 10 year old daughter. We have been dating for about 6 months. We have gotten the kids together several times to play. I was concerned because the son is a little rambunctous and his kids play fight (which usually ends up in a real fight). I am somewhat strict on my daughter and would never let her "play" fight. But other than that the kids seem to get along well and they are pretty well mannered.

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Needs help communicating

Thu 28 Jul 2016 3:35pm

We have a son who is currently 22 months old, we first noticed something was different when he would not respond to his name from a very early age. From early on we noticed he would flap his arms in excitement, particularly when watching TV which he likes to do a lot off!

He started pulling to stand at 14 months took his first steps at 15 months but then nothing till 17 months when he eventually walked.

Mom of Ayaan
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Autism/ girls

Mon 4 Jul 2016 10:25pm

Hello again, I have been researching some more about girls with autism as my daughter 12 years old is going through the autism spectrum assessment, she has been diagnosed with chronic motor tics (non verbal) and now high anxiety. 

I found this very interesting I did read the rest but maybe a little too much to put all on here. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put this on here so if not please let me know...

this is some of the section that I found but very interesting ,  if you would like to look it up on the Internet. Thank you 


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