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help please!

Fri 8 May 2015 5:24pm

My son (6.5years) has had many aappointments over the last 2 years hearing , SALT & paediatrician, assessments in school,occupational therapy etc.

I feel so let down when I walk into the paediatricians office to find he hasn't even read his notes & that's if he even bothers to turn up! (Last time a 'stand in' was in his place - didn't know anything about our son so we had to go right back to the beginning.

He's had the ADOS assessment and doesn't "tick enough boxes" for diagnosis.

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Chromosome testing.

Tue 5 May 2015 5:50pm

Hi, my three year old little girls is currently going through the assessment process as preschool and health visitor have picked up on autistic traits, the doctor who is assessing her wants to scan her chromosomes as there a few behaviour disabilties on the paternal side. Has anyone else been through this process as its taking a while for her appointment and Im struggling on how to manage her behaviour. Any advice would be brilliant, thank you. 

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Telling my stepson about his diagnosis

Thu 23 Apr 2015 9:15am


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Hi, Help with myself.

Mon 20 Apr 2015 1:24pm

Hi everyone, I have been told this is a good place to get advice and have just tried the AQ test and scored 44.

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Some positives this week :-}

Sat 18 Apr 2015 7:14pm

Hello all. How evryone is well.

Erica H
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Two different types of Assessment for ASD !!!

Sat 18 Apr 2015 6:58pm

I was sent a letter today confirming my sons assesment times and dates. 

He is having an ADOS and a 3di assessment. 

Is it normal to have two different types of assessment? 

Many thanks 

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DLA Requests

Fri 17 Apr 2015 9:23pm

Hi all I was advised to apply for dla for my son and whilst the forms took forever to complete and made me cry I done it.

today I got a letter stating that they had not come to a decision and have written to the consultant which is fair enough, however my son only saw the consultant once who identified autistic traits and put him onto the asd pathway with CAMHs.

now I'm thinking that the dla will be refused as we're still going through the pathway and the consultant really has not much to report.

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Final stage of assessment

Wed 15 Apr 2015 8:24pm

Hi my ADOS assessment is Due to finish tomorrow 16th April. It  has taken two months since February. I hope tomorrow will be the result  and that it will be a yes. as to some sort of spectrum disorder.I think it could possible be Asperger Sydrome but will let you all know tomorrow. Hopefully I will have a result from my assessor.

L Farrelly
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Hi there!!

Wed 15 Apr 2015 4:26pm

My name is Carole - I have a six year old son Leon who is happy bright and very energetic so keeps me on my toes! He has ASD/Aspergers and severe ADHD. I am also awaiting an assessment for ASD. Super busy at the moment as I'm working full-time and studying for a PGCert in Autism at Sheffield Hallam University which I am really enjoying.  I don't have any support from family etc (apart from my husband who also works full-time) so I'd love to hear from others in a similar boat - parents of young children with autism or adults trying to get a diagnosis.

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Tue 14 Apr 2015 8:47pm

I finally have all the details for my Son's assessment. He is 3.5 years old. 

He will 5 observasstions, one two hour sessions for five weeks, followed by a 3di assessment. 

I have to say that I am feeling a little nervous about the 3di, but it's a huge leap forward. im not sure how long I have to wait for the results. 

Has anyone had experience with a 3di assessment? 



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