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Ear Defenders, which ones would people recommend for school?

Fri 29 Nov 2019 1:18pm

Hi Everyone,

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Looking for ASD university student participants!

Wed 6 Nov 2019 10:19am



My name is Daniella and I’m currently in my final year of university at Leeds Beckett and I’m looking for people to take part in my online study for my dissertation. I am researching resilience levels in university students who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The title of my research project is:


Does resilience increase throughout university life in students with Autism Spectrum Disorder?


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Son starting school

Mon 9 Sep 2019 3:31pm

Hi All,

My first post!

My 5 year old son starts school tomorrow. We have a EHCP plan but could not find (in our opinon) a suitable school to choose. My wife and I could not completely agree and in the end we ran out of time and had to give the local authority our choice on the last day. So, we went with a mainstream school close to us which is apparently a really good school.....but probably not the right setting for our son.

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Ehcp 18yr son

Thu 29 Aug 2019 10:56am

 Hi everyone I have not been on for a while but would just like to ask once again for some advice as in the past you have giving me so much help my 18 yr old son was struggling with college and was withdrawn in March with support from gp we are hoping to get him back on track he is going to try college again with the support that we had discussed in March I have just received an email from the support worker who was at the meeting in March now saying the things we discussed  back then may  not be guaranteed to be put in place for September  and wanuts us to come in to chat about his options

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Can anybody help me understand the diagnoses process

Wed 17 Jul 2019 10:44pm

My son is going through assessment for autism again age 9. He was assessed at 2 and 5 and now we are repeating the process again. 

May two they said there was not enough evidence and he may grow out of some behaviours so they would look again at 5. 

At 5 they said not enough evidence to confirm ASD but then at 7 he stared to fall apart at school and they decided to repeat the process again. We are two years down the line and don’t seem much further on. 

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Employment - Autism

Wed 3 Jul 2019 12:26pm


I am a Psychology student who is eager to further my knowledge and career in autism. I'm currently supporting a teenager with autism and I also work as a support worker with people with disabilities.

I am currently working on my dissertation which will look at the experiences of adults with autism in employment. (This research has Ethical approval from my university).

There's limited research on work experience among individuals with autism. So, please if you would like to know more about my research or take part, please feel free to contact me!

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School don’t agree....

Sun 30 Jun 2019 9:52pm

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has any experience of school having a totally different opinion on your child’s needs? 

My son has been under assessment since her was 2 years old. He is now 9, he has daily panic attacks around going to school, spends most of the morning on the toilet because of his nerves, has sensory issues and has made no solid friendships since starting school. 

He has recently had an ADOS which we are waiting a meeting to discus the results but the on the back of it we have been asked to complete the Australian scale questions for assessing aspergers. 

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Appealing against college placement

Mon 10 Jun 2019 2:29pm

Hi, my son is 19 and we are about to appeal against his new college placement. Could anyone please give me any advice? It would be lovely to hear from anyone who has been through this process.

Aileen Marks
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Ehcp college

Wed 20 Mar 2019 7:27pm

    Hi my son is 18 and is struggling with college we have just had his echp on monday and his timetable reduced  then on monday we were told he would be having a controlled assessment on Wednesday at 9.00 but my son has been out of college on and off due to sleep and his anxiety we give college doctors letter with regards to his health  issues he could not make it in due to no lift he struggles with getting the bus and taxi which we have discussed  the tutor rang to say he has been withdrawn from college as he feels it would be besthis and that even with the support he would not be able to


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