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Positive stories - our fantastic school

Fri 13 Mar 2009 11:13pm

After 3 1/2 years out of school and a long slog with our LEA involving 2 tribunals, we have finally got our son (aged 9) into a fantastic small independent school locally.  We had originally not considered it because we (wrongly) thought that it would be 'posh' and fact, it is the antithesis of this. It is not a 'special' school, so our son mixes with non-ASD kids.

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Out side Agencies

Thu 12 Mar 2009 2:45pm

How many outside agencies are involved with your childs education?  At present my son has involvement with the following

  1. Educational Psychologist
  2. SALT
  3. Parent Partnership
  4. Home School Link worker
  5. Locality Team
  6. Local special school outreach worker

It would be interesting to know what help is available in different areas's picture


Thu 12 Mar 2009 2:01pm

There's been a lot of discussion around getting statements and the struggle some of you have experienced. I've created this thread for people to share their own experiences? What did you go through? Do you have any advice or resources that you could share with our members? What has been your experience with staff members and did a statement help your child?

Please comment...

Paula Barrett Community Manager talk about autism
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Help/ Advice needed please

Wed 11 Mar 2009 9:32pm

Hi, I hope this is in the right place but I seriously need some advice regarding my son.

Some background:

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Moving from Primary to Secondry (Mainstream)

Tue 10 Mar 2009 4:35pm

Hi all,

I have two boys with Autism, the oldest J has a dx of Dyspraxia too, in September 09 he will be moving from mainstream primary to mainstream secondry.  He's going from a school year of roughly 50 pupils to a school year of 1200.  He's going from staying in the same classroom all day to having to negotiate a huge school complex, with lots of noise which he doesn't cope well with.  I am really worried about how life is going to be for him in senior school's picture

How much support do you get from your school?

Mon 9 Mar 2009 4:28pm

What are your experiences of getting support from school? Does your child go to a mainstream or 'special' school? What kind of resources are provided - or have you struggled to get them?

Please share your experiences by commenting below...


Paula Barrett Community Manager talk about autism


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