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Moving from Primary to Secondry (Mainstream)

Tue 10 Mar 2009 4:35pm

Hi all,

I have two boys with Autism, the oldest J has a dx of Dyspraxia too, in September 09 he will be moving from mainstream primary to mainstream secondry.  He's going from a school year of roughly 50 pupils to a school year of 1200.  He's going from staying in the same classroom all day to having to negotiate a huge school complex, with lots of noise which he doesn't cope well with.  I am really worried about how life is going to be for him in senior school's picture

How much support do you get from your school?

Mon 9 Mar 2009 4:28pm

What are your experiences of getting support from school? Does your child go to a mainstream or 'special' school? What kind of resources are provided - or have you struggled to get them?

Please share your experiences by commenting below...


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