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Jack D OU student

Jack's bump in the road towards a MEng

Sun 5 Jun 2016 6:35pm

Well everyone, it has been a very busy 5 months, so I haven't found the time to do an update.

Anyway Tuesday I got my EMA for T804 "Finite Element Analysis", my arms were shaking after I saw it was 33%, short of the 40% pass mark. But I'm entitled to re-sit and I'll confirm my registration tomorrow, by the way my OCAS score was 65%.

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Silly Sally


Fri 6 May 2016 8:29pm


Well, school has been a very bumpy road, full of holes, steep hills and very stormy weather for my son so far.

He attends a mainstream school and on many occasions now I've considered;

•Quitting my job and hibernating with him until he's an adult

•Giving it a shot at another mainstream school

•Giving everything up and going to live in a caravan, preferably away from 'civilisation'

•Looking at schools with specialist provision


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Child exclusion

Fri 22 Apr 2016 11:00am

My child is on the verge of being excluded. he has been suspended from school for his behaviour and is on his final chance.

he is year 6 and i have just been given a draft EHC for 25 hours support

and yesterday was told that specialist provisions can be looked at.

however i have only found independant schools which may be suitable in my opinion.

this is going to county next week.

however in the mean time my child could be excluded at any point.

plus needs to be looking at somewhere now not next term.

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Silly Sally


Thu 21 Apr 2016 6:30pm


I have been getting concerned about my youngest son for a while now. For those who don't know, I have a 10yo son who has a social communication disorder with traits of autism, we are currently waiting to see if he is on the spectrum or not. These are my concerns;

•The youngest one has never been given enough attention and very rarely our full attention. He has had several medical problems requiring hospital treatment and even then, the oldest one always seems to end of the primary concern.

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EHC Experiences

Wed 13 Apr 2016 9:56am

HI All,

Just wondered what experiences people had of the EHC process, we are currently being refused an assessment for a child with High Functioning Autism.

Just wanted to know what peoples experiences and timescales are going through sendist.


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Autism-specific App Visuals

Thu 7 Apr 2016 2:04pm

Hello Everyone,

My name is Audrey and I am a final year at university. I am conducting a project about Technology and Autism in order to be able to create a prototype and a final app product that would benefit adults with Autism. From previous research I notices that there are not many autism-specific apps available for adults with ASD and I want to be bale to create one, I have written a short survey based on my primary research results. I would really appreciate if you could take 5 mins to fill it out This will ve very helpful for me! Thank you!

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Fri 25 Mar 2016 10:54pm

Hi my names Jayne my lb is 3 & half currently going through the process for asd. It's been a very emotional time I'm really worried about how he will be as an adult I just want to wrap him up. My question is Iv read early intervention is key. Is there any other support we can get outside of school? He's having a one to one for 2 hours a day at the moment in school. Thanks Jayne

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Charly Beau Lee...

need help in what to do?

Mon 21 Mar 2016 11:09am

hi my son 5 years old is in main stream school, he loves school, he loves in that much he does not like the hoildays. anyway sometime when he is angre or sad he hits out, he does not do it as much as he use to in school or at home, but on friday he kicked a teacher at diiner time as she went his his pocket to get the stones out he put in it, i know it wrong that he kicked her, and we talk all the time about kind hand hands and feet. but now there thinking of expelling him.

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Abi Persse

withdrawing both my ASD boys from mainstream school... i feel failed and lost and dont know where to start and what to do next... :0(

Wed 9 Mar 2016 6:01pm

i have two children...

Matthew 11 (ASD diagnosis, EHCP in place),

James 5 (ASD diagnosis, going through the EHCP evidence collection process)


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