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stressed out about school

Mon 4 Jul 2016 5:13pm

basically my asd son has an ehcp, changed his school last year and now he cannot cope, he has been excluded twice, not doing any work, hiding and running off. we went to look at special schools and that fell through as it turned out there are no places available, we review today basically, they want him to stay there in september and have involved an ed phych as there are no places available, what does it take for people to understand he cannot cope in mainstream.

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Not happy woth school placement

Thu 30 Jun 2016 4:00pm

Hi. I have asked for early statment review so we could get a place in special need school for my son.panel made a desigion to give a another go in mainstream school before placing in specialised one. Myself, current teachers and child minder don't agree with next stop to apeal this decision. Is it any of you did this? Could you please let me know if you won or loss what steps did you took and ect. Any information or thoughs would be very helpful. Thank you

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Nusrath Naimah

Questions for parents/carers for dissertation project research

Thu 30 Jun 2016 2:05pm

Hello, I am a Masters student and currently gathering data for my Early Childhood Dissertation part of my degree course,The title of my research study is Autism in the early years: a study of perceptions of professionals and parents of interventions/approaches used to develop social communication skills and relationships between parents, child and practitioner. I would like to know what is your perception of your childs attatchment to you as well as the relationship it contrubutes to issues such as parenting stress.

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Rachel McDonnell

Autism Assessment

Mon 27 Jun 2016 2:47pm

Hi, I'm reaching out for some support and advice. My 4 year old son has finally got his pediatrician appointment and its in 2 days time I have gathered together his report from the education psychologist, SENCO and speach and language therapist but apart from that I'm completely clueless as to what to expect with regards to the appointment! I desperately want to get this right for my boy he starts full time school in September and I'm terrified the support he's been receiving at part time school (nursery) will stop and he will be forgotten...can anyone advise me on what to expect?

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Friendship issue

Mon 20 Jun 2016 1:05pm

Hello to everyone who already knows me , and those who don't!

ive had a very long break from the forums, much much longer than I intended. Lots of things going on with my kids and my personal life, and I felt rather overloaded by it all. I've done a couple of mindfulness courses which have been very valuable. And I've started running again, which has helped me cope. 

Amy - Community Champion
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Jack D OU student

Jack's bump in the road towards a MEng

Sun 5 Jun 2016 6:35pm

Well everyone, it has been a very busy 5 months, so I haven't found the time to do an update.

Anyway Tuesday I got my EMA for T804 "Finite Element Analysis", my arms were shaking after I saw it was 33%, short of the 40% pass mark. But I'm entitled to re-sit and I'll confirm my registration tomorrow, by the way my OCAS score was 65%.

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Silly Sally


Fri 6 May 2016 8:29pm


Well, school has been a very bumpy road, full of holes, steep hills and very stormy weather for my son so far.

He attends a mainstream school and on many occasions now I've considered;

•Quitting my job and hibernating with him until he's an adult

•Giving it a shot at another mainstream school

•Giving everything up and going to live in a caravan, preferably away from 'civilisation'

•Looking at schools with specialist provision


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Child exclusion

Fri 22 Apr 2016 11:00am

My child is on the verge of being excluded. he has been suspended from school for his behaviour and is on his final chance.

he is year 6 and i have just been given a draft EHC for 25 hours support

and yesterday was told that specialist provisions can be looked at.

however i have only found independant schools which may be suitable in my opinion.

this is going to county next week.

however in the mean time my child could be excluded at any point.

plus needs to be looking at somewhere now not next term.

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Silly Sally


Thu 21 Apr 2016 6:30pm


I have been getting concerned about my youngest son for a while now. For those who don't know, I have a 10yo son who has a social communication disorder with traits of autism, we are currently waiting to see if he is on the spectrum or not. These are my concerns;

•The youngest one has never been given enough attention and very rarely our full attention. He has had several medical problems requiring hospital treatment and even then, the oldest one always seems to end of the primary concern.



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