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Ben Walsh

SEND Mediation

Tue 8 Mar 2016 12:54am
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Jack D OU student

Jack's progress on the MEng

Sat 20 Feb 2016 5:26pm

Welll everyone, here's what we have been waiting for my 1st MEng course.


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Jack D OU student

Jack's start to 2016

Mon 15 Feb 2016 4:56pm

Hello everyone, 

You'll all be glad to hear that T804 is going aswell as I could have hoped for, 14% OCAS so far, TMA-01 score due any time now. 

I tweet Tim Peake everyday, I can't get enough of seeing him on EVA. 

Anyway I would like to ask for some advice. I need to choose my 3rd OU module for the MEng. I'm deciding between T889 problem solving and TU812 managing systemic change.

T889 is about developing and improving my own personal skills (P-S is recommended in engineering).

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Michael's Mum

EHCs and private schools

Fri 29 Jan 2016 2:06pm

Hi there

My son Michael is 9 and in year 4 at a private school.  He was diagnosed in October 2014, although the school had regarded him as being on the spectrum some time before that (his Year 1 teacher flagged him) and it took some time to get a diagnosis.  

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Request for parental participation in research based around autistic children and the support available.

Sun 24 Jan 2016 10:36am

Hello, my name is Fiona

I am a student at The University of Huddersfield currently studying BA (Hons) Childhood studies. As part of my studies I have chosen to conduct research and write a dissertation on autistic children and their parents/carers.  

I have created a questionnaire for parents/carers of autistic children to complete and am hoping that some of you will fill it in for me. 

The questionnaire is related to special schools and mainstream schools and it will ask for your views on both of these.

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Sat 9 Jan 2016 5:08pm

Hi everybody

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Jack D OU student

Jack's final 2015 update

Sun 13 Dec 2015 7:24pm

Hello everyone,

It's Jack, my last update for the year is on YouTube and we can all look forward to 2016 as a year for further progress and sucesses for me and others.

My video is on


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Tricky problem with school

Wed 2 Dec 2015 5:03pm

Bit of a strange one, but very annoying. My son Leo is 5, he's at mainstream school full time. He's coping pretty well and he likes it.

The problem is that his attendance is being affected by his tendency to have a runny tummy. About 80% of the time it's like he has diarrhoea. But he doesn't , it's just the way he is. He has been examined by various doctors, has had blood tests and no medical issues have been found. It's probably irritable bowel (I think) but we don't have any diagnosis other than its nothing sinister, don't worry. 

Amy - Community Champion
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Sat 28 Nov 2015 3:43pm

Well ,it's been a while since I've managed to log in . What a journey education is , you think you're getting somewhere , then it all goes pear shaped and you are left with the decision of whether to take ds out of school , or keep him in whilst looking for another . 2 years at school , 5 teachers and a few assistants down the line ( left school ) it seems it's beginning to fall apart and are now thinking if putting in place things which were suggested in his statement . Lessons learnt , ask precisely what strategies are being implemented . One question ,"where is the consistency? "

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Bullying at school ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE

Wed 25 Nov 2015 8:48pm

Hi, im new to this and looking for some advice, my son (9years old) diagnosed with ASD has been being bullied at school for a long time now and i have spoken to the school on many occasions but as soon as they speak to him he says that all is alright and nothing is wrong or that they are not bullying because they have told him they are his friends and that you shouldnt tell on your friends!


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